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Did you pick heavy gunner for the guns?

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Do you pick The Heavy gunner Just because of the "Gun" aspect? In most games that have guns i usually choose a class that allows me to use said guns.

Guns are Pretty cool though.
  1. So uh Do You do what i do?98 votes
    1. Oh Man All the time!
       36% (35 votes)
    2. Eh, Only sometimes.
       12% (12 votes)
    3. Maybe Once in a while.
       17% (17 votes)
    4. Nope, Never.
       13% (13 votes)
    5. Whats a gun?
       21% (21 votes)


  • KeenoKeeno
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    I generally pick archer classes in mmo's but after looking at the different skills between the two (played both classes in cms), gunner was just more fun. Minigun is cool don't get me wrong but it's the style of play that makes it enjoyable to play. I think the only time I tend to go for gun oriented classes is dual wielding gun classes.

    How ever gimme a yo-yo class and you will no longer see me in the heavy gunner section ever again :P
  • FelineFunnyFelineFunny
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    I chose HG for beta because the game play seemed ezpz to munch through content with
  • NxnaNxna
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    I legit didn't know what class to play, so I remembered I got HG for the class quiz - and I decided to pick it. Turns out the quiz was correct because it was the class I had the most fun playing c:
  • ZoccqZoccq
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  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    i rarely pick up hg classes, the closest i usually get is playing archers/hunters (and even then if there is the option to choose between bows and guns i usually end up with a bow). but in gms2 i got oddly drawn to heavy gunner for one main reason...


    lol i dunno why i find it so entertaining, but i do. i think i'm part of the 1% that liked the voice acting lol.
  • DanDKDanDK
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    I wouldn't be so surprised if people did. After all, the weapons are one of the most unique identifiers of the different classes. The clothes/armour definitely isn't, it's as generic as it gets. And as for skills, it's mostly the same stuff reskinned across the different classes. So basically, the weapon and probably each class' own (voice acted) personality is currently what mostly sets them apart from each other.
  • NumberNumber
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    Are you with the NRA?

    Jokes aside guns are great. In most games I play a gun user because the pew pew.
  • maddmaxxmaddmaxx
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    Nxna wrote: »
    I legit didn't know what class to play, so I remembered I got HG for the class quiz - and I decided to pick it. Turns out the quiz was correct because it was the class I had the most fun playing c:

    Where is this class quiz?
  • HootsHoots
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    I'm from Texas. I'll let that speak for itself.
  • MarkMMarkM
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    Revised the title to better reflect the content of the thread.

    No harm done, just wanted the title to be more specific so that people who click on the thread know exactly what the thread is about. :)
  • BlazilyBlazily
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    I personally mained a marksman from MS1 and this was as close as I could get. Sure, the archer class may be the closest to crossbow users but since it's practically the most underrated class, I went with being a Heavy Gunner (at least in CBT2 -- I will definitely main one for the official release).
  • AejiAeji
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    My firearm is my technologically advanced magic wand! Of course its for the guns!
  • NikkieNikkie
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    Sometimes if it’s a dual gun class, but other than that, nope.
  • GoodSpiritGoodSpirit
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    I'm a gunner in Spiral Knights mostly, and wanted to see if the skills transferred :)
  • SkyCakeSkyCake
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    Nope! I picked it for the missiles, tech, and explosions. Shame on how gimped Fire HG (missiles) feels relative to Electric HG. But! I still run abilities like M-Bomb because of the boom. Whether or not she had a gun wouldn't have made a difference.

    Looking forward to the Awakening for more boom. Hopefully be able to replace Gatling with that neat rapid-fire missile launcher ability.
  • HeimerdingerHeimerdinger
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    no i picked it because it was the closest thing to an engineer and if they ever get more content for the higher levels there is always that tiny chance the class will get a turret
  • mivmivmivmiv
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