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Anyone else worried about being in the first 10k?

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For the road trip promo. I'm pretty sure I got in the first 10k (I finished the last part within a minute of it opening), but I can't help but be anxious that I missed the cutoff or that I'll be skipped :S
  1. Do you think you got in from the Road Trip?26 votes
    1. I definitely got in
       38% (10 votes)
    2. I'm not sure whether I got in
       31% (8 votes)
    3. There's no way I got in, but I still finished the Road Trip
       12% (3 votes)
    4. I didn't participate in the Road Trip
       4% (1 vote)
    5. I participated in the Road Trip but didn't finish it
       0% (0 votes)
    6. what's a road
       15% (4 votes)


  • GummybitesGummybites
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    I feel the same way lol
  • JauniceJaunice
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    I'm somewhat panicking if I did get in or not...

    Hopefully I did but who knows
  • ColezkColezk
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    I got done with the last quiz with in the first three mins of it being live and I feel like I got in the first 10k but I have not very high hopes only because the random events they sent out where to people that either arnt going to play or just started the road trip, but I do believe it is fair over all so if I don't get in ill just be watching all the streamers still giving my support 100% until official release ^_^ I believe the hype is real and that this game has the chance to really make dent in the mmo community ^_^
  • HieiUKHieiUK
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    I was about 40 minutes late finishing it, although I got a wave 2 invite anyone so... Kinda not important.
  • TurnToDustTurnToDust
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    I finished it probably 12 hours late or so and I got my invite last week. It's prolly just random.
  • MarkMMarkM
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    TurnToDust wrote: »
    I finished it probably 12 hours late or so and I got my invite last week. It's prolly just random.

    It's likely that you were in the second wave of invitations, not within the first 10,000 to complete the road trip rewards.