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If I got in..

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I mean.. is it bad that I'd actually try to "break" the game; i.e attempt to find bugs after having fun with 1 or two of the classes if I actually got in for the third wave?

I mean.. that's what Beta testing is for outside balancing classes and testing servers, it's better to find a bug in testing than to find it when the game has actually released. However.. I guess since the game has probably already gone through this process it'd be a bit hard to find these kinds of things intentionally..

But I guess my main concerns would be; first and foremost.. the actual event I got in, secondly if my PC can run the game without some weird bugs or lag happening due to issues on my end and not the game itself and then finally.. having fun.


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    As long as you report it ;-;-b
  • NilremNilrem
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    Maple Guide
    Wait, you mean the point of the beta isn't to see how many dumb ways we can crash the game so our reports sound as bizarre as possible?

    I guess I need to rework my to-do list...
  • OvernOvern
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    As long as you report it ;-;-b

    Of course!
  • mewberimewberi
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    no that's the best thing you can do!
    if you can think of crazy things to try out someone might accidentally find when playing,
    it helps prevent horrifying bugs for the main release so go for it!
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    I just want the hat so bad tbh. lolol
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    Don't actualy expect many bugs. Its already released for like 2 years.