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..I really don't have to do this..

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Okay.. I had.. a fairly large wall of text already typed up.. but I got disconnected and lost.. all of it. So.. I'm fairly sad since none of it was saved. I'll try to recover though.

- - -

Hello, I'm KP.. a Cute addict-

-Wait.. I'm not allowed to say that out loud? well.. um..

To be more specific, I'm a fairly soft spoken and shy person who absolutely adores cute things.. who.. when given the chance will actually ramble on about whatever since I tend not to speak at all while anyone else is talking. I love just about anything that's cute; be it soft, clothing, appearance, artstyle, animal or a game.. and I'm a firm believer that a girl can look very cute in glasses!

Game wise, I'm fairly reckless and aggressive.. usually diving into fights ill prepared and alone as my personality tends to result in me playing solo. My reckless play actually makes it hard for me to play any Magic Caster class since I'll usually run out of MP in any big fights and be unable to recharge it due to the stingy nature of someone trying to buy their next piece or set of gear, not wishing to spend all their meso on potions. I've also got a pretty bad habit of exploring areas far too high level for me simply to fill out the map and see whats around, in Maple 1 I have very clear memories of bringing a character from the thief class.. around level 20 or so.. and heading into places with level 80+ beasts using the stealth ability.

For maple 2, I don't really plan on going for a hit and run kind off tactic.. and I think the idea of a nervous, shy Berzerker would be pretty funny.. so I might go with that if I get into the closed beta.

Oh.. and my favourite animals are Wolves & Bunnies!