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What kind of classes would you all wanna see?


  • BaronLövatBaronLövat
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    I've always had the idea of a Boomer/Outlander flavored class that primarily uses gigantic boomerangs, with supporting / CC abilities that use bolo's, Spike Traps and gun powder packed gourds. No I'm not Australian but I like the idea of the over-all flavor. Gigantic boomerange you could throw it, sweep/swing it at close range, even use it to block/guard against incoming attacks.

  • MadokaMagicaMadokaMagica
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    A Card dealer, like the ones in casinos. Each card drawn will give out a different attack, passive, etc. Maybe a dice for a chance to lower or raise the attack power of one skill once every 1~3 minutes.
  • RichterRichter
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 400
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    I would love the idea of a non-healing support in the form of a bard. Perhaps a lot more consistent Priest without heals? (Consistent as in no things like Holy Symbol that can only be used once in a while for a very limited period of time)
  • HuddyHuddy
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 585
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    I'd much love to see:

    Necromancer - Sceptre/ Codex. Poison/ Dark damage type. DoT inflicting based self cast skills, with summons who deal raw physical damage. (would be cool to see something like that veere away from the magical damage)

    Barbarian - Dual Thrown Axes. Fire damage type. Quick / swift damaging skills, similar to Assassin, but more of a consistent damaging class, rather than a burst.

    Gunslinger - Dual Wield Pistols. Ice/ Electricity damage type. Possibility of a shielding turret as a backup to the Knight role, but prioritised debuffer with consistent damage outside of support.
  • NiceAsIceNiceAsIce
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    edited 5:30PM December 16, 2018
    1) Blade Dance - Uses 2 swords and specializes in acrobatics.

    2) Beast Master - Can capture monsters and use them for combat

    3) Illusionist - Creates clones of itself to confuse foes (like mesmer in GW2) -> Uses a fan like Kanna in MS1

    4) Spearman - Longest close range attack in the game -> uses a spear obviously.

    5) Necromancer - summons the dead/uses death magic -> uses a scythe.

    6) Sniper - very long range but also very slow -> uses a sniper.

    7) Outlander - Uses dual pistols, mid-range and squishy but powerful.
  • AttackfrogAttackfrog
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    I'd love a class that useLarge siege weapon that you set up blast and have to move, or riding around in a tank.
    Geo mancer class where standing on tiles affected your spells

    G****mn, those are good ideas!
  • AlchemiiAlchemii
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,230
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    I would like to see some sort of Robot Master class. Where you get a robot that you work on and upgrade over time. I think that would be really cool.
  • Anura_Anura_
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    tbh just make the devs watch Log Horizon
  • PinkFoxxyPinkFoxxy
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    edited 11:22PM May 30, 2019
    Druid - Uses Water and Nature Based Magic Skills to do damage and support, can also use primal skills to call upon animals and bugs and stuff, and can summon different companions such as bees or fairies

    Bard - Uses music to support and deal damage. But this wont be a boring Bard, it will be a fun bard like the one in aion

    And if this game gets the point where we get more unique classes like the orignial maplestory

    i would like to see a return of the Beast Tamer

    Chronomancer - Can control time and stuff, uses time bombs and can reset cooldowns on things, support

    ooo also a Witch class, support/dps where they summon crows and black cats and pumpkins and stuff that would be cool o whateva

  • Classic_SteelClassic_Steel
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 2,335
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    i Want my dark knight in ms2, or a scythe class would be cool
  • HenryethaHenryetha
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,030
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    I really miss something like a necromancer or summoner.

    - Damage over Time
    - Summon creatures to fight for you (can even make them "collectable")
    - Debuffs
    - Healing over Time - or - Life Steal

    And that class could use a Scythe ^_^
  • KatsKats
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 4,590
    Posts: 223
    I'd personally love for the Beast Tamer class to make a return. Either the way it is in MS1, or make it summon the animals instead.
    Summon would be more fun though.
    Mostly because the Beast Tamer is adorable though.

    That or Mercedes from MS1.
  • Imagine_BreakerImagine_Breaker
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 300
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    A great way to implement a Bard JobClass would be to make their main 'weapon' a charm or something similar and then have their off hand be able to equip any of the availible instruments in the game to alter their songs sound. Then skills/buffs that can use the instrument equiped to play either preset music or composed maybe for added effect?
  • MielificentMielificent
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 200
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    edited 8:20AM August 21, 2019
    BattleMage, Warlock and Freelancer like in The king's Avatar. I like Mage , but not as support and I dislike elemental mage..Battlemage is always my fave as it's Mage + Warrior combination ( https://the-kings-avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_Mage )

    And here's some idea for the coming classes

  • DreamingDreaming
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,370
    Posts: 9
    A Summoner/Bard class would be lovely!
    I mean, we already have so many instruments, would be fun to use them as weapons sometimes and even implement scroll usage onto that,
    much like how it is in Mabinogi! Could be a great support class. But I at least hope the scores won't use up their usage when playing, or at least that they'd be way cheaper.
    As for Summoner - we have a title for that, so it would make it's endless grind even more worthy for those who play a Summoner class.