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What kind of classes would you all wanna see?


  • ManaKeyManaKey
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    Bard like every other post has stated lol. An Electric Guitar based Bard would be cool. Uses long range electric attacks as its damage.

    Another healer and "tank" class as well. The other tank could be a magical based one too. The healer would need to be ranged to balance out the healers since Priest is basically a melee healer.
  • CryoGXCryoGX
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    Stupidly large AoE scythe class that revolves around crits.

    Juni wrote: »
    I Want a dual blader. no im not a sao fanboy but i mean zerk is meh and warrior i mean who wants a shield

    Ya mean Thief?
  • HuddyHuddy
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    A backup Tank/Aura-Bot kinda class would be something I'd be interested in, as I see people mention a Bard, delving into stack management and maintaining buffs throughout the fight for their team whilst self healing to continue to be that support role. Maybe limited amount of players it can buff and would look into running two in a 10-Man team.

    On a side note, I'd much enjoy seeing something of a buff to be given to tanks (specifically knights) to help maintain that aggro that seems to be thrown among players in fights, helping more with boss spin mechanics that I've noticed the game has, moving the boss around the map and relieving aggro off of the party who has to maintain that medium to close-quarter offense. (something to consider if a Bard were to be released)
  • VendalVendal
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    Juni wrote: »
    I Want a dual blader. no im not a sao fanboy but i mean zerk is meh and warrior i mean who wants a shield

    Dual bladers have been a thing way before SAO and it's sad to me you feel the need to de-reference it hahaha
    Seriously tho thats the thief in this game. the thief in MS2 is boisterous and loud and not stealthy at all in playstyle nor attitude... so another dual blader kinda wouldn't fit.. or at least would directly out class him.

    Dual bladers are my favorite thing as well, but the thief is that niche in this game.
  • MiaosMiaos
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    Being able to play lore related characters like the heros in MS1 with their own story quest line and stuff would great.
  • TendiezuTendiezu
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    I mainly want to see a class that controls other units or has some kind of teamwork involved.
    Something like a Necromancer, Summoner or even just a duo(Two characters working together in the form of a single character is an amazing thought.)
  • Great_ZokkiGreat_Zokki
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    I want theif to be renamed dualblader, rogue or bandit, and get an actual theif class thats about stelaing and trickery Could name the theif an assassin and noone would notice a difference.

    Other classes i like ot see, A wrestling or whip class that good for using enmies or terrain to fight.
    Kaiser. I really want kaiser back.
    I'd love a class that useLarge siege weapon that you set up blast and have to move, or riding around in a tank.
    Geo mancer class where standing on tiles affected your spells
    Bulding class.
  • Bercilak_HautdesertBercilak_Hautdesert
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    Personally, I'm a big fan of "bard" classes, but I actually kinda hate the traditional bard.. what I like are things like:

    Skald: Axe and shield character that uses Battlecries to buff allies.. this character would generally wear light armor and wouldn't be very tanky despite the shield (but may have good defensive activated abilities/buffs) The character is probably melee, but could be ranged by using throwing axes and offensive shouts. This would be a physical bard option (Physical/ melee or ranged/ Int)

    Cantor: A holy musician with buffs and heals. Perhaps make it less healing based and turn it into a more offensive "holy-mage" concept in order to not step on the priest's toes. (Magic/Melee/Int)

    Swashbuckler/ Wardancer: A mobile melee bard who would have movement attached to most of their attacks and whose grace and courage is inspirational to behold, thus allowing them to buff allies. (Physical/melee/Dexterity)

    Dirge: The bardic debuffer, whose music is mournful and gloomy.. this my vast preference for a debuffer class in this game. Could be in the style of a blues musician for this game (Magic/ranged/Int)

    Spellsinger: A character who uses offensive spells and buffs. (Magic/ranged/Int)

    Beast-tamer: Bardic pet class, the beast tamer summons and buffs animals and is a mostly physical class. In this game, give the beast tamer a "civil war" era costume, so people can pretend they're the guy from the movie "Dances-with-wolves". Or just make them a traditional lion tamer or something. weapon is a whip (Physical/ melee/ Str)

    Faeire-dancer/ Ghost-Dancer: Another Bardic pet class, this one summons fae and/or spirits and is a magic based class. You could have the faerie abilities go with buffs and the ghost abilities go with debuffs or something like that. weapon is a scourge (Magic/Melee/ Str)

    In a game like this, I really feel like we could do more justice to the idea of the Bard by going into far more detailed versions of that concept.

    Another concept I kinda like that I got from another game is the "Sherpa" cncept. This is a character who lifts and throws things around the battlefield. they can help to reposition allies and enemies, can carry allies to keep them out of danger, hold enemies making them easier to hit and that sort of thing. we could have them be a strength based ranged class. maybe make them a wrestler or Luchador(a) for this game.

  • MissVanjieMissVanjie
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    Instead of a melee shaman or a shapeshifter i would like a summoner type druid. They would summon different types of sunflowers to have AoE buffs/Debuffs and summon different variants of bees that do different things.

    i like music and all, so there should be a bard class. but not a boring one, one thats glamorous like the one in aion
  • ItsugoItsugo
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    Hmm, I think we need more Asian themed classes along with Soul Binder.

    1) Samurai
    Weapon: Katana + Kodachi

    2) Onmyouji Summoner
    Weapon: Fan + Shikigami

    3) Water Dancer
    Weapon: Chinese Water Sleeves

    4) Nine-tailed Fox (Shapeshifter/Beast)
    Weapon: Fox Fire
  • GoldToiletGoldToilet
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    I have a few ideas
    1. A melee martial artist who uses a 2 handed staff. Can be very mobile and combo reliant, range similar to a berserker.
    2. Summoner. My ideal summoner would have 2 familiars that could be summoned, each with their own set of skills. Neither one focusing on anything specific (like one related to buffs/defensive skills and the other has all the attacks), but requires switching between them to deal optimal dps and unique combo effects (for example maybe your first familiar sets a debuff that can be proced by the other familiar for a stun/slow/dmg mitigation). I wouldn't want a single familiar faceroll summoner, cuz thats just a mage (no hate).
    3. If nexon could pull out a well executed Hemomancer, I would probably never leave my room.
    4. I want to see my marksman from MS1 return or any type of burst archer.

    I think out of those 4 I'd like to see #1 the most.
  • AnOldGeezerAnOldGeezer
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    Why do people always want bard?
    literally every game i've played
    they ask for bard?
  • AlchemiiAlchemii
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    It is because Bard is a classic, and there's no reason not to have it.

    Anyway, I think I've made it clear I want to see something like a puppetmaster, but rather than puppets it uses a robot. Like some sort of Mecha Master, hmmm that name isn't quiet right needs workshopping.
  • NiceAsIceNiceAsIce
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    A necromancer type class that focuses on siphoning health from enemies.

    Also maybe a dual-sword type warrior, like a blade dancer? (If we delve into pirate classes (which i'm guessing we're not because nautilus isn't in MS2), it could be called swashbuckler, and we could have a gun class also.)
  • IllIIlIllIIl
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    Even if it turns OW content into a complete lagfest I'd like to see a summoner class like the necromancer from Diablo II.
  • LaurieMoonLaurieMoon
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    Just like how there's Warrior -> Berserker/Knight , Magician -> Wizard/Priest

    I would love a nod to the first additional Maplestory class Pirate -> Cannoneer/Gunslinger.

    I know, I know, Cannoneer is pretty dang similar to Heavy Gunner - but make it more slower and obviously 'cannonball fire' and very different skills to set it apart from Heavy Gunner.
  • DretonDreton
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    I would love to see a long spear class with maybe 2 elements one element(lightning,wind?) would be a fast attacking and the other would be slow but heavy(earth,fire,darkness??). I think that would be really cool
  • GnoggenGnoggen
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    I know this might have been brought up, but it would be nice to see a Hammer/mace user like Captain Fray(NPC), possible paladin/sage/shield(er) melee buffer type. Or possibly have a berserker(crusader type?chaotic good?) have an option to use a 2 handed thunder hammer/mace/stun(ner) - type, maybe even for looks? Thunder catsSS! Whoah!!! On the caster-side, I would recommend a shadowmancer(warlock/necro) shadow/smoke - type dps like the bad guys? For another healer type, I would suggest water elemental type mage/shaman or nature mage - druids with awesome rainbow, flower power and/or mushroom buff/heals, AoE even, doh! Puff, puff and passing =p Hope the suggestions help. Pass or deny, don't forget to eat, stay groovy and easy with the gravy folks, have fun!!!
  • InbumInbum
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    Leaftycoon wrote: »
    I'd probably want to see a heavy support class. Like less on the healing side, more on buffs. Yknow, bard or cheraph. Music invigorating people and still casting magical damage down on enemies. ..probably just me. I love all the suggestions already anyways.

    A class where you could actually dungeon more than 60 times in 3 days.
  • KiirionKiirion
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    wait lemme retype this out to be more concise.
    ideas id like to see
    an Aria type class (spellsinger? bards? shred on a lute and watch the enemies fly away with your Disturbed death metal singing?) (Siren? a crowd control class that stuns confuses or silences skills [maybe used for raids idk])
    Necromancers/Mesmers/Monks ; 'weaponless' classes that deal with either brute strength (monks) or straight up magic . (necrom+mesmer) (the necromancer probably just has a skull staff and mesmers.. who knows. a mask. sure, lets rip off guild wars.) Acrobat? with several skills to flip around and a Walking stick to slappy slap/
    Druids! I want classic DND classes. i want a druid. have a familiar (like archer) that you can pick from the start (e.g snow leopard/some bird of prey/wolf etcetc)
    MS1 classes id like to see with this engine would be the Demon duo (give me my demon men and ill give you my money), Kinesis, Castena, Angelic buster (can we please get a normal person and have a magical girl sequence and NTO have it gender locked),
    I like the word Ringmaster bc circuses are fun; a class with a whip. like kinesis, you can just.. pick em up, and throw em down
    Bayonetta.... Gun feet. pew pew
    bring back MS1s class branching system, esp with elementalist based classes. Ice/water slowing enemies down + frost dmg, fire being dps, air/wind being knockback and stun, and earth/grass imbolization kind of things, ykno?
    Give me.. Beast Tamer. i just want a furry class in ms2. you can even give them miitopia claws. nyan