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[WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest


  • Ryia_ArcherRyia_Archer
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,070
    Posts: 37
    IGN: Gemstone
    Server: Bigleaf

    Since Gemstone never seems to catch a break while working for the Empress, she usually hides in firefly cave for a few days to avoid getting sent on another quest. The rocky cave ground was uncomfortable at first, but a sleeping bag and a few pillows does the trick. She was also pleasantly surprised to find that she shared the cave with a neighbor: Apollo. The pair gets along quite well as long as Gemstone's noise does not proceed more than 40 decibels. He is currently enjoying the latest installment of the Fairy Potter series after all.

  • IndulgentIndulgent
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 620
    Posts: 3
    IGN: Tai
    Server: Bigleaf (North America)

    With the objective of having a good time, my simple story begins. Having become a Mapler of Tria to meet friends, both old and new, my day consists of hanging out with my guild mates and fishing away all the stress from the trouble we run into!

    Fishing is especially great after stumbling across Pyrros Fard; geez, water is a sight for sore eyes after tangling with him. With all the free time to think while fishing, my favorite thing to do is to think about new designs for outfits!

    Maybe someday, I'll have all my guild mates or even random Maplers wearing my outfits! On that thought, it's back to fishing the waters for fish and fishing around my brain for more design ideas!


    I hope to meet all of y'all soon, and maybe in one of my designs!
  • PandelicalPandelical
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 770
    Posts: 8
    IGN: Bahamut
    Server: Hornbeam
    Amount of characters: 1268

    My Hero is an adventurer from the Great Sea. (He doesn't really like to talk, so I'll handle the introduction.)
    He has explored countless islands back home, now this youngling is on a quest to map every island beyond the Great Sea.

    With just 12 years of age, this boy already made his experience with the evil forces and saved his people from ruin.
    Whatever dangers Maple World might hold, he will be prepared.

    He was really excited the first time he saw the shores of Lith Harbor, the people gave him a warm welcome too.

    Not gonna lie, this world holds many surprises, these weird looking Mushrooms suddenly jumped at the young hero.
    Confused by the looks of this unique trio, he knew he had to fight back to survive.

    It was clear that he would be spending a lot of time on this land, so he decided to settle down in his own little home.
    So he could rest between all the exhausting exploration and go after his favorite hobby in his free-time: scaring little, unsuspecting pigs.
  • AvidDerpAvidDerp
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,495
    Posts: 29
    edited 1:47PM May 13, 2018
    IGN: Palm
    Server: Bigleaf

    Meet Palm

    Palm is an old-fashioned gal living life with the true style of vintage. Don't judge too quick though because Palm is a very busy person.
    You will always catch Palm in Kerning City on a good day shopping for the latest styles and she does it all without breaking a nail.

    Palm does not believe of such a thing as "too expensive" because she always finds a way to obtain her fashion dreams.
    She enjoys sitting back in the city watching the skyline or people watching because there's always someone interesting to find.
    Of course, she wanted me to show you all this picture of her saying hello.

    I promise she can also be very laid-back. She spends her off days at her parents' beautiful estate in Resortville.
    Sitting on the steps as she watches the ducks in the ponds, feeling the nice breeze, and all the while being dashing as ever.
    She encourages anyone to stop by for some ice cold sweet tea and sandwiches.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Palm.
  • KuwyxKuwyx
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 750
    Posts: 9
    IGN: Kwyx
    Server Name: Hornbeam (eu)

    Leader of the redoubted MesosGang, comin' straight from the underground of Woodward city.
    He is the law, he is the boss.

  • 5onic5onic
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 785
    Posts: 17
    edited 4:45PM May 13, 2018
    IGN: NeedleMouse
    Server: Bigleaf (NA)

    Bio: Binding of isaac meets maplestory. Isaac drops to the depths below only to be found within the world of maplestory.



  • HellFoxHellFox
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,575
    Posts: 54
    edited 8:18PM May 14, 2018
    IGN: HellFox
    Server Name: Hornbeam (EU)

    A Story Of The King Of Thieves!
    Popular amongst the most cunning thieves in the Maple World , HellFox , hidden in one of his many hideouts, was planning to steal artifacts from a well known desert underground temple near Perion. There were many stories hinting, that this holy temple was being protected by ancient animal spirits and anyone who were to step in the temple with ill intent, would have to face the wrath of those spirits! Daydreaming of the treasures of the temple , HellFox barely paid attention to those stories, as he sat near his crow friend expressing his excitement!


    The Treasures Of The Perion Temples!
    Weeks after weeks of time spent exploring caves and mapping them has lead to what HellFox wished to come across. Inside the temple, the wishing well of ancient Perion civilizations! Known to be praying ground to various animal spirits such as birds , wolves and bears! In the waters of the well, plenty of gold piles were found and the three statues he was after are believed to have an estimated cost of a hundred million mesos!

    While HellFox was filled with joy, cracks on the walls started to appear and sand started flowing out , followed up by a very loud roar!


    The Aftermath.
    Our thief was caught by an ancient spirit guardian , the almighty Urza!.
    How he plans on getting out of that situation still remains a mystery!


    -His friend , The Crow.

    [Characters used for story: 1376 ]
  • KratosAurionKratosAurion
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 790
    Posts: 8
    edited 7:24PM May 13, 2018
    IGN: Gisk
    Server: Bigleaf (NA)

    Bio: Toobs took a wrong turn and now is stuck in a world of cute mushrooms and low amounts of repair parts. She also wants so accessorize more and get a cute hairband in the full release of the game. Ganbatte 2B!




  • PygozPygoz
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 810
    Posts: 8
    edited 7:36PM May 13, 2018
    IGN: Ritsu
    Server: Bigleaf

    There is a time of Buying, there is a time of Selling and there is a time to HODL
  • SomeVietGirlSomeVietGirl
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 865
    Posts: 12
    IGN: Savannah
    Server: Big Leaf (NA)

    Character Name: Savannyah (weebs will understand uwu)

    Savannyah is a resident nekomimi of Tria and she prides herself on being a guru of fishing. She spends all her time fishing for her favorites snacks down at the Henesys Docks. With her fishing levels maxed and a strong affinity for healing magic, Savannyah doesn't hesitate to venture off to dangerous faraway lands where the rare gourmet fish dwell knowing she can keep herself safe. And on the not-so rare occasion where she's too focused on reeling in a yummy catch to fend off hungry monsters, she's got 9 lives to play with. Rumor says she's got more, but Savannyah likes to be mysterious...

    Fish aren't the only part of her diet though, as she also likes to hunt birds unlucky enough to be within her pink paws' grasps! Once she's got her claws dug in, she doesn't let go!

    When Savannyah isn't fishing or hunting, she does what a cat girl does best: sleep.

    "If there's fish involved, I'll be there!"

  • FelineFunnyFelineFunny
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,660
    Posts: 38
    edited 12:03AM May 14, 2018
    Character Name: Peppersteak
    Server: BigLeaf

    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Pepper. She is from a family of Unknown Origins. They are magical, and she is a girl, therefore they sent her to Magical Girl School. There, she can become a respected Magical Girl. However, she failed so miserably that her instructors had enough of the second hand embarrassment. It was that fateful day that she became a Magical School Girl Dropout, and was promptly escorted off campus before ruining the school's reputation.

    However, her family was also embarrassed by their daughter's lack of aptitude for Magic. They too, gave her the boot. She was so embarrassingly bad that she was even exalted from her homeland.

    The world is a scary place; bad guys and monsters roaming about called for some self-defense. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of options for someone whose only experience in life was honing something she never had. The only practical weapon she could wield of course, was a firearm. And thus, with a very legally obtained weapon, and obligatory talking pet, they set off into the world, and do what they do best: attempting to not die.

    Name: Pepper
    Gender: Failure Magical Girl
    Age: Debatable
    Height: 5'4"
    Likes: Assistance's mediocre cooking, not dying
    Dislikes: Ranged monsters, running, fishing
    Hobbies: Staring at nothing, Adventuring
  • KeneronKeneron
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 3,225
    Posts: 130
    IGN: Kensei
    Server: Bigleaf (NA)

    *Hmph* Introduction, for me? As if I need one. As long as I could remember, no one has ever beaten me in anything. I have the brains, the looks, the wealth -- Everyone loves me. Is there anyone as perfect as I am? When I heard the Maple World was in danger, I could not let down my adoring fans. The Black Mage? Just a mere peasant in a robe. As if he is any competition for me. I'll go defeat him after my massage.

    You can thank me later.
  • NaoyinNaoyin
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,250
    Posts: 14
    edited 12:35AM May 14, 2018
    IGN: Sun
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    She protec

    But she also attac
  • JetUppercutJetUppercut
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 5,535
    Posts: 299
    In-Game Character Name ShootBox
    Server Name BigLeaf
    A hidden secret:

    A short story about your character
    Once upon a time, there was a Heavy Gunner who liked how things used to be. The end.
  • hotpothotpot
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,565
    Posts: 35
    IGN: Cress
    Server: Hornbeam (EU)

    A simple looking thief, showing his humble background and desire to remain out of the spotlight. As long as there's a profit from the venture, Cress is happy to get his hands dirty. Not much stands out other than his unique slime, mushroom and duck pins applied to his beanie and unusually bright boot soles.

  • AlpacassoAlpacasso
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 650
    Posts: 3
    IGN: Incantation
    Server: Bigleaf

    This is the story of Incantation, an avid cosplayer wannabe and a weeb.

    Anime is a touchy subject. She likes to spend her days locked in her room binging series after series and daydream being those characters. Of course, she'll deny this while wearing a highschool anime girl uniform.

    When she's not in denial, she likes to frolic in her cosplay outfit and pretend she's famous.

    Wow, very famous.

    The end :).
  • MizuiroSuzumeMizuiroSuzume
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 540
    Post: 1
    IGN : Mizuiro
    Server : Hornbeam

    My name is Mizuiro, a random adventurer walking though the streets.

    Suddenly i tripped on a rock onto a road where there was a speeding bus
    Out of nowhere there came a horde of little chicks to my rescue
    They magnificently evaded the bus and saved my life

    Maybe because of my hat they thought i was one of them, since that day i became an adventurer that will be later known as
    The saviour of chicks.
  • HoujuuHoujuu
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 925
    Posts: 11
    IGN: Papperton
    Server: Bigleaf (NA)

    This is Mr. Papperton.

    Papperton loves toilets.

    He dreams of a day when all wild toilets can roam free and unclogged.
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 4,090
    Posts: 270
    IGN: Petalmagic
    Server: Bigleaf

    This is Petal. Petal is strangely enough, an inter dimensional traveler, as every time she is done in a world, she goes to another one. She just came out of a world known as "Reboot" where the people have to stand on their own, and a world of luxury and riches. This new world is strangely...not that. Petal chose to try the Holy life of a Priest as to learn more about her strange new surroundings, but the moment she steps outside, she just wants to pet the slimes.

    Aren't they super cute? She is a complete ditz and forgot all about missions. Even when other people kept asking her what she was doing, she just wanted to hang out with the "monsters". They were so cuuuuute! Petal kept away from people and now wants to be accepted into the ranks of the Monsters as one of their own, but every time she gets close...well let's just say that 1 Priest was harmed in the making of these pictures. Will Petal ever be accepted by the Slimes? Well...who knows. You would think an inter-dimensional traveler would be more equipped to handle such cute monsters...
  • ZueniZueni
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,525
    Posts: 13
    - In-Character Character Name: Maru
    - Server Name: Bigleaf (NA)

    Maru is a your everyday simple Mapler.

    She likes exploring the world, finding relaxing scenery to enjoy !

    She also has her weird side where she would hang out with farm pigs :')
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