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[WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest


  • Rinnie_TetoRinnie_Teto
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 900
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    IGN: Teto
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    Ever since picking the priest occupation Teto has been very busy trying to protect the Maple World but once in a while he can just put on some causal clothes and relax in town.

  • MappelondMappelond
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 940
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    IGN: Mappelond
    Server: BigLeaf (NA)
    "We must strive to find the light in even the darkest of places... only then can we find our hope!

    Nicknamed the "Angel of the Battlefield", Mappelond rushes in to give aid to the fallen heroes... if she doesn't fall flat on her face first. If only her luck was just as grand as her healing...
    Mapps won't let her clumsiness get in her way! There is danger to be fought and people to be saved. For this world, she'll fight to keep everyone she loves alive.

    "I want to make everyone smile, one that isn't fake."
  • SketchyBardSketchyBard
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    IGN: Bard
    Server: Bigleaf (NA)

    About Bard:
    Bard has been ever traveling the world of Maple in search of a way back up to the heaven's above.
    He doesn't remember how but him and his twin fell together down to the blocky world we now know.
    Landing in Tria he only prayed that someday him and his twin could make it back to their home.
    Cursed with two people in one body, Bard has lost his eyesight..
    Yet to make people less fearful of his twins sharp teeth still wears his glasses.
    This fallen angel has been cursed by the darkness threatening Maple World and has to fight it off in his own mind.
    Granted the powers of a dimensional eye not even time itself can stand against Bard.
    Armed only with his sweet serenades and toxic tongue has Bard tamed what looks to be an angelic pig.
    Grasping for his very life Bard takes hold hoping the pig will take him back to where he was born.
    Now until the end of time, will Bard travel the world, meeting new walks of life and continue telling his story through song and dance.
    Until he reaches his goal, Bard might as well figure out how to survive in the Maple World.
    So many different walks of life, maybe he to was dropped here for a purpose.
    Only time will tell the tale of a Bard who started out as two became one with nothing and then became legendary.

    I checked character count = 1473 with links
  • latifelatife
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    IGN: Lilinu
    Server: Amur
    Darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do it ... I will eradicate all the evil in the world.

  • MarkMMarkM
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    IGN: Gerokun
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    Gerokun is a lover of Japanese culture and frogs. His moniker is taken from the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound that a frog makes.
    He wields the mighty greatsword, the Bigleaf, the very same legendary blade after which the North American server was named.
    A master of camouflage -- no one has ever seen his face. His true name remains a mystery.
    Rocks and trees tremble at the might of Gerokun, great defender of frogs everywhere!



    Hiei_GodsendReeceSusiemcmhimselfTigaurTomitaZatchAlpacassoPoseDoggieand 7 others.
  • RyGardenRyGarden
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    Character name : RuMe
    Server name : BigLeaf (NA)

    Story :
    Ever since I was a child I've wanted to become the best baseball player in the world. I got the outfit but its just the second part I have to accomplish now... Ugh. Apparently I wasn't aloud to wear heels onto the mound so I gave up my dream to become a lawyer and get into the house of commons. I changed the rules! I can wear my heels when I'm in games now. Still suck at baseball but at least I look good, but hey I'm in the house of commons so not so bad after all eh.



  • b0zob0zo
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 610
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    IGN: b0zo
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    When people first meet me, they often ask how the scar on my eye came to be. The world I see was no longer the world I've grown to love and protect. In a state of rage I murdered the man our princess loved deeply. The kingdom banished me—and in a pursuit of resistance, I was struck in the eye. With half of my vision gone, I sometimes lose sight of what's right and wrong. I've left the kingdom, to somewhere far in the snowy mountains, in search of righteousness—a path of exile in hopes to regain my honorable right as a knight.

  • AllyVerronieAllyVerronie
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 620
    Posts: 2
    Server: Amur SA

    This is Lilly, a Magical Warrior who fights on behalf of the Moon,
    She and ur friend Olivia, together vowed to defend the world from the forces of evil,
    and to punish all evil people in the name of the moon, to bring peace to all,
    in this she met several friends.


    She hopes peace soon arrives, so she and Olivia can return home.


    But they will always be ready to fight and protect the world from the forces of evil

  • OrewaGreyOrewaGrey
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    IGN: Greyy
    Server Name: Hornbeam

    So far i was a normal angel, a soldier. But because of this cursed war against the demons i lost a wing.

    This day will live forever in my memory. Not because i almost died but because i found 2 human friends <3.

    "Rosetta : Look Lolly, who knew angels flew so low hahahah ?"
    "Greyy : Huuh :'("
    "Lolly : Dont be so rude come on !"
    "Lolly : Aww, everything will be fine, you're okay now *kiss*"

    Ps : Nah nevermind, i found only ONE friend.


  • blacktigaryiblacktigaryi
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,325
    Posts: 29
    when will the next beta players be anounced becaus Iwas not chosen this time will theire be a second beta face?
  • SaitanaSaitana
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 5,060
    Posts: 372
    IGN: Saitana
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    My Story:
    Alas, we have the tale of a young lad who just got out of a predicament facing near death. Rescued by the people of Tria has decided to go on the path of also helping others through healing and restoration. While few neglect to carry a passive tone for the world and unleash bloodshed through swords and bows, I have taken the oath to protect those on the battlefield to alleviate the fighting and bring about a better peace to the world. But, can you blame everyone for fighting for what they believe in whether they take up arms or through spiritual words? The only thing I can do is provide healing to all of Tria and to all those who rescued me from my dangerous times. Where ever healing is needed call on your local priest Saitana if you ever need it. Until then, I'll be waiting, journeying across the world helping not just only my hometown, but the world or even the universe! Who knows where my travels will take me. Let the Holy Symbol guide you.

  • LisaLisa
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 605
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    IGN ~ Lisa
    Server ~ Big Leaf [NA]

    Growing up, Lisa always loved penguins, mostly because she saw them in storybooks and thought they were cute. They were her favorite animal. The kids at Ellinel Magic Academy would make fun of her, saying that she could never get a pet penguin because they aren't pets. She would skip class due to their endless teasing, though she didn't really need the lessons anyways. But after she was sent as a transfer student to Tria, one fateful encounter changed her life.


    She met a stranger with a penguin as their pet. Oh, how cute it was! Lisa couldn't help herself -- she ran up to it and hugged it, asking this stranger where they acquired such a beautiful penguin. And the stranger replied,

    "Oh, it's simple! All you have to do is fish here in Tria."

    No more saving the world for Lisa. She had a new mission.

    She learned to fish from the best fisherman in Tria, grabbed her rod, and fished. She fished, fished, and fished. She fished for hours and hours -- so much, in fact, that she even fell asleep while fishing!


    "That stranger must have lied to me," she thought to herself. "I haven't seen a single penguin in these waters after all this time!"

    While deep in thought, she reeled in her line. But this time, it wasn't a fish. It was a pink penguin, but not just any pink penguin. It was now her pink penguin!

    And now, to this day, Lisa and Pinky travel the world together, saving the world from destruction.

  • Doctor_RoverDoctor_Rover
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 660
    Posts: 3
    IGN: Granny
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    It's never too late to be a hero even if you can't recall your full name, but do not fear Granny is here to serve you a hot plate of justice and a cold glass of hope.

    Now where am I going again? Oh deary me...

  • MinMiiMinMii
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 3,155
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    IGN - MinMii
    Server ~ Big Leaf [NA]

    - Her birthname is MinMii Madhatter but she goes by many nicknames: Princess, God, Legend, and Fashion Queen. She just really likes the urban and social Tria(?) life with her penguin Joy Toy. He called Joy Toy because he is so adorable -- you just can't stop hugging him! MinMii's mother is half demon so she don't look like others. Legends say that her beauty was hand-picked by the Divine One. Her goal, as a tiny berserker, is to conquer the land just one swing at a time. No challenge is ever too big for her: she even slayed a fire dragon, just in time to compete her daily mini games.



  • JoTheWeirdoJoTheWeirdo
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 5,035
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    IGN: MisterB
    Sever Name: Bigleaf

    I am Heavy Weapons Guy...

    And this, is my weapon..

    Heavy came all the way from Teufort because entire team was babies, Heavy was told big strong men live here... but Heavy was lied to. Everywhere Heavy goes, Heavy sees tiny little baby men fighting with itsy-bitsy baby weapons, is sad to Heavy. Now, Heavy search for strongest man to go up against Heavies big new gun!

    NOTE: I tried to recreate the Meet The Heavy video from Valve.

    HD clothing picture
  • KargoKargo
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 4,265
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    edited 11:30AM May 12, 2018
    IGN: Murphy
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    Murphy was struggling when he lived in a bad neighborhood of Kekistan. He started hanging out with the wrong frogs and started helping in criminal gang activities. They were planning an armed robbery on the nearby bank, hoping for a better future. Murphy had no experience with weapons, so the other gang frogs handed him two daggers. He started practicing and got better and better.
    The big day was getting closer and closer. Murphy became a blade master and was ready. Once the big day hit, Murphy and the other frogs geared up and went to the bank in a black van. They got in, but right when Murphy wanted to get the money, the other frogs betrayed him. He had to run from the other frogs, who used him just for the robbery.
    He arrived in a swamp. In the distance he saw a blue light... A portal! Murphy walked through the portal and arrived in the Maple World.
  • AxisAxis
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,215
    Posts: 18
    IGN: Axis
    Server: Big Leaf

    After a long night of fishing, Pesca didn't like my catch... so he had gutted me and set me on fire...
    ...but you know I didn't die, I had crystallized...
    ...and now I'm a glamazon knight ready for the runway!
  • SaltySoyaSaltySoya
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  • RealSpadowRealSpadow
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,845
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    - In-Character Character Name

    - Server Name
    Bigleaf (North America)

    My story
    I, a loyal protector of Tria and her empress, was once a champion who stood up against the evil forces that threatened the Maple World.
    However, all of that has perished once I learned of the unbelievable power of our empress that she has hidden away for so long -- the light of destruction.
    Why hasn't Empress Ereve told us about her powers? I saw with my very own eyes what it did when Madria threatened us at the palace.

    I was shocked and appalled... From that day on, I've decided to withdraw myself from the royal family and resign from my duties as a champion.
    I became an explorer and visited areas in the Maple World that I have never been before. I met creatures that weren't monsters after all. I found out they had emotions. "Why did I kill so many of their sisters and brothers", I asked myself.

    These creatures, the Slimes, were so kind to me and took care of me as if I were their own. I was fascinated and immersed myself into their lifestyle.
    I crafted new clothes and took on a new identity... the Slime Man! I am the guardian of all my fellow Slimes in the Maple World. Whoever threatens my brothers and sisters will meet my wrath!


    Although I may be a human disguised as a Slime, I often infiltrate Tria to gather the latest intel. Here you see me infiltrating as the Slime Man next to the Royal Guard.


    Did you know that Slimes are so squishy when you hug them!?


    As my day interacting with fellow Slimes comes to a close, I just want to relax in my house.
  • MileMile
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 875
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    edited 1:22PM May 12, 2018
    IGN: Lonely
    Server Name: Hornbeam

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