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[WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest


  • EsparpurEsparpur
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    -BigLeaf N/A
    -Just showing the ropes to the new recruit.
  • CapturedRayneCapturedRayne
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    Server Name: Big Leaf
    IGN: FallingRayne
    FallingRayne is the eldest child in her family in Easter Village away and far from mainland. In this village, many families lived humbly and sometimes did not have any food to spare. For FallingRayne, she lived a happy life with her 4 younger siblings and granny in the tiny village for as long as she could remember. Although they were not well off, it was a very loving family and everyone got along while living off their tiny farm behind their house. However, as weather worsened over the seasons and food became difficult to farm, many families struggled with obtaining food in the tiny village. Seeing all these families in need of help, FallingRayne stood up to become the Easter village's Bunny. Using all her courage, she stepped out in order to find food for her village so that all the children and elderly can be happy together again. Years later, now that her younger siblings are grown, they take care of the village and aid in finding food when farming becomes difficult. FallingRayne, resolved to aid other children and families in need decided to step out into the world as the Bunny Hero from Easter Village.
  • IvkIvk
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    IGN: Ivk
    Server: BigLeaf
    I lost my pants, have you seen my pants?
    Thank you anyway.
  • InfernaInferna
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    IGN: Medic
    Server: Bigleaf

    "I'm not cocky, I'm just perfect!"
    Believed to be extremely smug, the one nicknamed as 'Medic' appeared one day claiming to be sent from the heavens in order to right the wrongs of the world. Although a more than capable priest, his attitude and rude behavior know no bounds, and he often speaks down to anyone he converses with. Although he claims that the cross affixed to his forehead was there since his birth, others believe that it's actually just two bandages attached to his forehead in the shape of a cross.

    Likes: High areas and playing the harp alone
    Dislikes: Underground areas and silence



  • StellarDemonStellarDemon
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    IGN: ErenJaeger
    Server: BigLeaf (NA)

    A proud and once fearful soldier.
    The battle against the titans has finally ended, but is the world really at peace?
    Something doesn't seem right in the Maple World so ErenJaeger continues to hone his skills and prepare for the worst.

  • TummyTummy
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    IGN: LilBreezy
    Server: Big Leaf

    Yo it's LilBreezy up in here!
    Growin' up, my momma tol' me to never get into a strangers car. Nowadays, I'd PAY to get into somebodies car!
    I'm such a rebel! xD

  • MjlMjl
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    IGN: Mjl
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    "“Gear up, we aren't goin' for a windy walk here!”"

    Raised to be one of the most fearless, yet kind gunners out there in the Maple world. Raised up to the top with the pros from his amazing cannon skills. Today, Mjl and his teammate's clear dungeons without a casualty.


  • WyndeshadowWyndeshadow
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    IGN: Wynde
    Server: Victoria


    Little Pengy was just your average little penguin out on a stroll one day. Unfortunately he wandered a bit too far into the ice cavern today and came across an epic battle between an ice troll and some Maplers. Caught in the middle of it, he closed his eyes until everything suddenly went silent. Upon opening his eyes he realized everyone, including the huge ice troll were frozen solid! Counting his lucky stars he ran home to tell his dad, little did he know that he had awoken his latent, mystical ice powers and his father, Wynde, would use him for his evil plan to dominate the Maple World...
  • sagasagasagasaga
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    ign: deoxys
    server: bigleaf (na)

    even heroes need to take breaks! the maple world is always jam packed with plenty to do, but nothing beats winding down and enjoying a great scene. this little one loves a dip after a long day of wrestling giant mushrooms and picking up mounds of jelly. though that last fight might have went through too many rounds of death spin... might need a paper bag over here, folks!

  • SyctoriusSyctorius
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    IGN: Syctorius
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    Born and raised a by a fisherman, Syctorius had become used to a peaceful quiet beach life. He was busy helping others, that's why he started training to become a squire at the age of 14, ascending to knighthood at the age of 16, he became the apprentice of an experienced knight called Tunic. On his 17th birthday, the city he was in got ambushed by hordes of demonic creatures. Tunic ended up sacrificing himself in order to save Syctorius, this enveloped Syctorius with feelings of revenge. After massacring the demons. He wasn't seen for 3 years....
    But now the 20 year old Knight returns, seeking to defend the country and the world he loves so much. Even though he ended up going through many hardships, he ended up not changing at all. He is still a loyal, honorable, dependable knight and friend.

    ~You aren't worth my time, nor my patience~ "Syctorius the Honorable"



  • NanokoNanoko
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    IGN: Nanoko
    Server: Hornbeam

    This is Nanoko, the magical avenger of Victoria Island! She might have a cute appearance but she possesses a very strong power that is better not to be messed with!


    When she was young, people made fun of her that she looked too soft, underestimating her powers. Nanoko kept training intensively almost everyday and eventually ranked first on the Tria Magical Academy's leaderboards!


    Being a famous wizard can be stressful at times. When Nanoko wants to relax she likes to hang out in Ludibrium and watch the stars fall, she feels a big connection to the place because it's just as bright and bubbly as her personality.
  • HunterZPHunterZP
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    IGN: Hunter ZP
    Server: Big Leaf (Inspired by Mathew 24:31) Maple World greatest of all worlds created that the Goddess of light made her own angels to roam the land and play the music of the gods. Every where they went was very lively and everyone danced, even the slimes were bouncing around! Maple World was in perfect harmony in all light. These angels are far gone since the goddess of lights sister invaded. They found along her side but sadly all had fallen but one. The one left was Hunter, and you may see him wandering around still purging the darkness of which has fouled the land. You may see him playing music in the crowded cities to give others a light sense of hope in this world, abd he won't stop untill Maple World in perfect harmony again.
  • MionMion
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    Swimming near the void ~
  • PiruruPiruru
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    IGN: Pyu
    Server: Bigleaf

    I was a normal and shy girl back then. I didn't have enough confidence to go on adventures like my friends so I spent my days cooped up at home doing household chores and taking naps. Sometimes I drew pictures of the places I wish I could visit. My life was conventional and boring.

    There is one thing unusual about me though . . . I have an unhealthy addiction with EGGS.

    I eat 20 eggs every day. I have eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—including snack times in between. Little did I know that this weird addiction would change me forever. Literally.

    I didn't notice the changes until one day I looked in the mirror and noticed my hair was falling out. My head has gotten bigger and rounder too. I was turning into an egg!

    At first, I was in complete shock. I'm a freakin' egg! But then that thought sank in... I'M A FREAKIN' EGG! and I'm ADORABLE!
    It was the best day of my life.

    Turning into an egg made me like myself more. I finally found the confidence to step outside and explore the world.

    My adventure is just beginning. I can't wait to tell you more about it.
    NanokoTrungTHGamerFiendHiei_GodsendFelineFunnySusieAlpacassoPoetrycricketCurrieniniponand 2 others.
  • FueilleFueille
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    IGN : Arlo

    Server: : Big Leaf (NA)

    Feeling the breeze from Perion's highcliff while the penguin stares obsessively to the rocks


    My time in game was definitely not looking to customize clothes, houses but just traveling around the maple world seeing differents color patterns, textures, monsters, people, cities and of course, eventualy I became stronger and stronger. Sometimes I just stand, floating over the map, looking everyone else doings until I find this special place, the Highcliff temple, where you can float til the clouds and watch all the map and this amazing twilight of perion's.
  • LuminecentLuminecent
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,885
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    IGN: Luminescent
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    Luminescent was a student Luminous that has been cast down from the "Original world" of Maplestory, and into the lower world. He has always been different from the rest, having red hair, wings, and always having his dark side shown by his red eyes always activated with no signs of balance by having blue eyes like the rest. After being cast down and betrayed by his fellow Luminous, he set on a new life after losing his Luminous powers and the ability to fly using his own wings, now he depends greatly on his new partner "Eegl" to become his wings, and set on a new path as a Fire Wizard.



  • InfineonJInfineonJ
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 805
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    IGN: InfineonJ
    Server: Bigleaf

    "Back when I was a kid, my parents took me to a concert in Queenstown. I don't remember who was performing... or what they performed for that matter, but all I remembered was that I wanted to be the one up there"


    Ever since that day, InfineonJ grew up with the dream of being a musician. She spent many sleepless days and nights trying to perfect her sound... music had become an addiction.


    Armed with her trusty guitar Freebird, a few mesos, and a dangerous attitude, InfineonJ sets out with only one goal in her mind... to become the greatest rockstar MapleWorld has ever seen.

  • DcYouXDcYouX
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    Full Custom made by Me.

    IGN: YonhNi
    Server: North America(BigLeaf)




    Hi im Iron Maple, defender of the Maple World, but honestly im just a richman with a cool suit :).

    I became Iron Maple since the Maple World was invaded by Monster! The war began, we were losing the War, the monster were destroying everything in its path, our walls and defenses was too weak against a bunch of monster, so i decided to save the Maple World, designing a suit that can give me the power and strength to surpass my limits, something that can allow me to protect the Maple World, that how i became Iron Maple, a suit that allow me to Fly, shoot bunch of missile, shoot laser with my hands and a super strength that can handle more than 10 tons! Once the suit was ready, i faced the front battle, defeating all the monster in my path, nowday the Maple World is safe, but there are some monsters around the Maple World, trying to destroy our World, but im here and i wont let them do it!.
  • AnentAnent
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 440
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    IGN: Taikakone
    Server Name: Hornbeam

    This mapler is really picky on what he wears. When going on a adverture, you must have style. Even the monster will envy my clothes when i go to the field.

  • GremoriSnailGremoriSnail
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 445
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    (^Best shot tbh.)

    Character name : Wiz
    Server name : Hornbeam (Europe)

    [Short] Story (1477 characters) :

    Disciple of the Fairy of the Turtle named Mery, Wiz felt closer to the other fairies as she learnt more from them. The Fairy of the Tiger taught her how to use a sword, the Fairy of the Phoenix taught her how to read and write and the Fairy of the Blue Dragon passed on her wisdom to her.

    Adopted by Mery who was also known as The Ancient Witch, she was an orphan, who had one friend who died in a fire caused by the foolishness of humans.
    When she first met Mery, she was just an emotionless girl, barely eating nor saying anything. Was the trauma too strong to overcome ?

    Being so cute, Mery had fun clothing her up in any type of garnments and at the age of 17 she actually worn a second time something Mery made for the first time ever. She began being interested in astrology at the age of 6, learnt the name of the stars and the constellations 2 months later, that was when she began sneaking out of the tower to go to the cliff and camp there all night gazing at the sky.

    One day as she returned to the tower, Mery was nowhere to be found, so she went out that morning to ask the other Fairies who had disappeared too. Thinking they had just went out, she went to the cliff that night, the full moon was shining brightly, and on the ground she usually sat on, there was a small pocket clock and a note.

    "This, is the only thing i can ever teach you my dear Wiz, and that is the notion of time. Treasure both. Pray name the 4 new stars in the sky. Farewell.
    Ancient Witch Mery"
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