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[WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest


  • BunniiBunnii
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    IGN: CarpeDiem
    Server Name: BigLeaf

    True Friendship

    CarpeDiem was a girl who loved to explore. A girl who would travel miles to get to her desired destination. She loved the snowy places in the land of Maple. One day while travelling over oceans and mountains, she glanced into the sky and she noticed a spectrum of colours that seemed to mimic a rainbow. She always wanted to see what it was like on top of a rainbow. But she did not know how.


    She sat in a corner pondering. After several hours, still she could not figure out how she could reach the rainbow.
    A friend then walks by and sits down beside her and asks her, "What's wrong Carpe?".
    She then proceeds to explain that she noticed a rainbow in the sky but she just did not know how to get there.
    Her friend sat there thinking, trying to find a way to help Carpe.
    "Well, don't you have wings? Can you not use them to fly to the rainbow?"


    She thanked her friend and jumped up and took her friends advice and flew happily towards the rainbow. She was so happy, she's never seen anything like this before.

  • f4ngyf4ngy
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    IGN: Fangy
    Server: Bigleaf

    In public Fangy may be known as a tough heavy gunner girl and engineering genius, but if you visit her house you'll see a completely different side to the usually aloof inventor


    When interviewed by Maplers Monthly she had this to say:

    "Yo! I know I'm famous for all of these totally AMAZING guns I build, but did you know that I can make other stuff too? Check out this cool star projector I just built. Pretty neat, right?! Is there anything I can't do?! Kyahahaha!"

    After staying up late to work on her inventions, she finds the occasional relaxation by sleeping on her swinging bench. These brief afternoon naps surrounded by nature, instead of the usual machinery, help her recover from her many all-nighters.


    And on days when her work doesn't go as planned? She shared a little secret with us.

    "I like to let off steam by jumping on my bed as hard as I can!"


  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    Winners of the contest will be announced early next week (after Memorial Day).
    Thanks for your patience. :-)
    TomitaJoTheWeirdoLevitateBunniiLunii2KansZienRainbowGaljeenoSesshykinsand 1 other.
  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    LOL! So many funny entries. Thanks for sharing your character's stories with us. <3 We are especially amazed by the amount of creativity behind designing them as well!

    The following Maplers are the winners of 2,000 Merets to be issued during Official Launch:

    Pyu - Bigleaf
    InfineonJ - Bigleaf
    YonhNi - Bigleaf
    Granny - Bigleaf
    VV - Bigleaf
    Stabby - Bigleaf
    Seph - Hornbeam
    Levi - Hornbeam
    Magnum - Amur

    We'll keep you posted once the images go live on our official Instagram page. :-D
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