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[Feedback] Questing and Achievements

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Please leave your feedback regarding Questing and Achievements for the Closed Beta.


  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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  • Shipon7Shipon7
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    I would like an option to click through dialogue. I does not take me 5 seconds to read "Huh?!"
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  • Smashdex5Smashdex5
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    edited 10:55AM May 9, 2018
    tl;dr "Point and Click" mode: Finishing a quest forces my character to move to my mouse location

    Every time I complete a quest and finishing talking to the npc my character starts auto walking to the side.
    -edit- using point and click option after talking to an npc the player trys to follow my cursor. When switching back to "classic" mode the character moves continuously and I have to go back to "point and click" and click on a spot so my character stops moving then switch back to classic again before I can use classic.
  • SaiannaSaianna
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    When playing through quests sometimes it gives me a lot of time to read small sentences, but for longer sentences I saw it for a second before disappearing, couldn't read at all.
  • IgneeIIgneeI
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    edited 11:31AM May 9, 2018
    The text from the Tutorial Quest; the part when the priest Fredrik try to help you heal Lance skipped very fast in the middle of reading.
    Edit 1: The moment when you meet Allon is bugged, i just went Trought him.
    Edit 2: When Joddy wake you up the cinematic is weird. The camera angle is really bad
  • ClumsyClumsy
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    The players should be able to control the pace of the dialogue. Sometimes the dialogue would be slow and other times it would disappear too early.
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  • Smashdex5Smashdex5
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    You can continuously get 44 exp from the [World] Furnishing quest by placing and removing the brown bookshelf over and over again
  • HellFoxHellFox
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    Like many others mentioned above , please for the love of god provide us with the option to press space to go to the next sentence aside having the ESC to skip it entirely. Its a rare occurrence for me to enjoy watching cinematics and actually following what's going on the story mode in free to play titles and it was quickly ruined by the amount of waiting time needed on very small sentences. Thanks in advance!
  • MapleBoyMapleBoy
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    In the Joddy quest, I had to re-complete it THREE times! I couldn't get past the cutscene after beating the Humanoid Boss, I had to defeat it in the room that the annoying NPC was in. That was when the game could finally load the cutscene so that I could continue...
  • HomoiikHomoiik
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    In Ralph's lead (Lv. 13), pressing [space] near Nelph did not trigger the dialogue, but exiting and re-entering the noxious grotto map fixed this
  • TevsuTevsu
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    This quest says to go to Kerning City even though the player has to go to Tria.
  • CassieCassie
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    I would also like the option to click through dialogue as I'm a speed reader.

    Also, I noticed animations in cut scenes when characters are doing animations besides sitting there (walking/sitting down) it can be very sudden and it's not smooth at all.
    Our own characters have animations to sit down or begin walking so I don't see why the cut scene actors cannot have the same smooth transition.
  • DralicDralic
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    edited 2:43PM May 9, 2018

    Is this Dialogue supposed to be showing Shadow Crow?
  • BlitzerBlitzer
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    The lv 21 quest Crisis in Henesys has massive Frame drops
  • DrakooonDrakooon
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    [Questing] Navigation system usually (highlighted) around my character turns off (I can't see it until I unmounts) AFTER i mount. (I'm running Epic quests rn)

    —Drakoon in-game
  • LumiereXCIILumiereXCII
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    I felt as if, during cutscenes a lot of the text goes by too fast. So I was thinking in order to fix this, you can just allow for a "next" button or similar that you can press to move on to the next part of the dialogue instead of it just moving on automatically.
  • WaterFilterWaterFilter
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    In regards to the questing in general, I would just like to point out that I feel like the game so far revolves around quests very heavily? Discussing the topic with numerous people, many others agreed that they felt that it was quest heavy and the best way to level up. In regards to that being good or bad, I still have to figure out, but I do know I would like to do more than just story-line quests to level up. Can you guys let me know what you think about this specific topic?
  • LokieuLokieu
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    It would be nice if the story was optional since it's really bad, especially since a lot of MS players would prefer to focus on combat over forced quest objectives for solid EXP.
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  • TodasTodas
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    The game is very quest-heavy. I'd like it if quests were made more optional - I really like exploring, fighting monsters, doing dungeons, playing minigames, and having fun in other places of the game, but I feel pressured into completing all the quests because they're such good XP and they have really good rewards.
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  • BohttyBohtty
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    edited 7:52PM May 9, 2018
    This is a disaster. Why even have maps? You're only in them for the 10 seconds it takes to talk to the NPCs. MS2 is so messed up now. I played back when it released in Korea and while quests were sub optimal for EXP, they were far more substantial. You actually got to know the areas before moving on. All they had to do was buff quest exp if they didnt want people to grind for levels. I just don't understand. Don't even get me started on the cut scenes. I'm just so disappointed. I was sure this game would be ruined by a greedy p2w cash shop, but instead its ruined by this "quest" system. It's really just 1 long cut scene. I know you guys wont fix the quests. I doubt GMS2 would be able to deviate from the other versions so much, but damn I wish they didn't ruin it like they did.
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