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[Feedback] Life Skills


  • zer0zer0
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    I really like the idea behind life skills. However, it doesn't really feel rewarding to do some of them. Most notably, fishing feels pretty worthless to do. With fishing, you get nothing from the fish you catch except fishing mastery. I leveled up my fishing to max but after that, I saw no reason to ever fish again.

    Additionally, in regards to fishing, I can't even see myself leveling this up normally in the actual game. The only reason why I leveled it up is because we were provided with meret that let us buy auto fishing without spending any nx. It's incredibly cumbersome to actually sit there paying attention for hours fishing and there's no reward for doing so either. So it begs the question: what's the point? This honestly seems like a feature that was tacked onto the game without much thought.

    Furthermore, actual progression when it came to fishing was incredibly unclear. Sometimes you'd get fishing mastery, sometimes you wouldn't. I'm assuming you only got fishing mastery if it was a large fish, but that IMO is just nonsensical. It even says in the fishing menu that you get mastery from fishing fish that are of your level, not simply the large fish that are your level. The fact that you aren't even guaranteed to get mastery for fishing a fish your level makes it completely RNG-based as to how long it takes for you to level up. Which further builds to my earlier point on why would anyone bother fishing without auto fish?

    Suggestions for improving fishing:

    1. Provide an actual gameplay incentive to fishing. Maybe money for the fish you catch or consumable food items you can craft from the fish (like in runescape). The fish you catch shouldn't just disappear forever once you catch them and provide nothing of value.

    2. Give fishing mastery for every fish you catch with larger fish giving more mastery. It's fine if that means increasing the amount of mastery needed for every fishing level to balance it out, there just needs to be some sense of progression with the fish you catch, especially since they currently give no gameplay incentives.

    3. Remove the pointless fishing spacebar tapping minigame when catching some fish. It doesn't add anything and it forces you to actually pay attention to an already mundane task. You don't fish when you want to have fun and play the game, you fish when you're focusing on other things and want to have the game running and doing something in the background. I think it's fine to make it a background mini game as the game offers much more stuff to do outside of it. It provides a reason to actually be online when not playing.
  • MiogarnaMiogarna
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    -Life Skills Interface

    We need an interface like the fishing and music ones for crafting. While fishing or playing songs you can easily check other aspects of the game like the rankings, chat with friends, checking your itens, etc. Meanwhile when I choose to craft 200 rice things I'm stuck for the whole craft in the Life Skills screen. The crafting interface gets above any screen I open making it hard to navigate.
  • iFloraliFloral
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    The fishing on this game is really good. Props to that. I enjoyed the grind to Master level fishing!
    Potions are overpriced in this game though.
  • iSouvenirsiSouvenirs
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    My main concern when it comes to the game launching is fishing, it is absolutely horrible to manually fish. I think that there should be a UI where you can maybe get like 30 minutes(maybe more if you guys are feeling generous) of auto-fishing for free everyday so that people will be able to level their fishing without having to spend actual money in order to keep a decent fishing level. Maybe even if you implemented a daily quest to unlock free fishing for xx amount of time.

    Also another issue I came across was that there would be people who would deliberately stop people's auto-fishing by dragging monsters to where people were auto-fishing so that the monsters would attack them and they would stop it. I know if I had spent real money and someone had stopped my fishing I would be quite upset.
  • SirVownSirVown
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    I think fishing would be a lot better for the collector in me if I knew before engaging in the fishing session how many different fish I could potentially get. That way I won't spend unnecessary time fishing at a location thinking there might be a rare fish when I have collected all the fish at the given location. A good reference for what I mean would be from Breath of Fire 4, it has a very similar fishing system but includes a list of the fish you can get that are grayed out to not spoil what it is but to let you know there is more to get.
  • Hadar2143Hadar2143
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    make the music making easier to make and more exccesable
  • FaelZagaFaelZaga
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    Life Skills is very easy in this game. I like the daily limit and have nothing against. It helps to focus on other things in the game.
    Crafting system is a mess. Any kind of crafting is dropping my FPS a lot. I have to restart the game to play soft after crafting and this is boring.
  • kinsuyakinsuya
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    From my experience in the CBT, life skills seem utterly pointless.
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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    edited 6:44PM May 17, 2018
    The interface for life skills is freaking cutely packed up and nicely displayed, 10/10 on that.
    Gathering material is a little hard, as I feel there's a limit to how much material you can gather on one map, maybe some changes towards that to add a little more?

    Fishing needs to feel more rewarding as above person mentioned!
  • ZelosoroZelosoro
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    -I liked the Life skills achievements, it was fun to see those pop out times to times.
    -For mining and crafting it is relatively easy to do and understand. I didn't get to see what they were important for though.
    -Fishing seems to be extremely important in this game for character improvement. It seemed hard to understand at the beginning but once you get the hang of it you reach master easily and start getting a lot of benefits off it. Makes it possible to obtain Magnetic lures through fishing/opening chests and to have more Elixirs to fish or a higher % of getting those through the fishing chests.
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    i think the gathering cooldowns are a smidge too high atm and should be maybe respawn after a certain number of hours rather than just daily. maybe rarer nodes spawn every 12 hours versus more common ones spawn every 6?

    i liked that you could put your animals and crops in your house but think there should be places where they spawn out in the real world as well so if you don't want them in your home you aren't penalized for it. maybe similar to ores and herbs where certain towns have certain animals? also then we should be able to place mining and herb nodes in our homes as welsorry if this is already there but i just missed it but i honestly didn't see anything like this) i think it's a bit odd that half the life skills rely on exploration but the other half doesn't

    fishing is.. ok. i wish you could sell the fish you catch (not just the specials) as it kinda seems like you sit there a lot but don't get much in return. it would be more rewarding to be able to use those fish for cooking or alchemy, or even just to sell for mesos. as of right now it's boring as there is no small payoff. even the exp system is odd, as i think its kind of rng based? some people said they auto fished all night and leveled multiple times and looted all sorts of things but when i tried it once i got next to nothing. i think keeping gear and pets rng is fine, maybe the higher your skill etc the better our chances but i think the exp gained should be standardized.

    i really liked the music stuff ^_^
  • ShadeoShadeo
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    Gathering: The daily limit is very restricting and not fun at all. It is like a daily task which is boring and not the purpose of life skills. Remove the limit or change it in a fun way. Otherwise people will lose interest in gathering quickly.

    Music: I really love it! It would be nice to be able to compose your own music and maybe sell it or use it by your own!

    Fishing: Active fishing is not that bad but if youre adding auto-fishing, which you did, I really hope that you don't lock it behind a paywall. Let it be part of a game or if you really want to make money out of it, please make it account-wide and not that expensive. So people that want to auto fish can buy it once and have it forever. (I really think you should keep working on account-wide stuff anyways... which I mention on the general impressions. It's hard for players to be that limited these days. It's 2018 guys, please!)

    Crafting: I didn't get into it since I really was turned off by the gathering system
  • DanDKDanDK
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    Life Skills - that is to say, Crafting and Gathering - seem very rushed and incomplete - for instance there are just a bunch of random nodes clumped together in specific maps that you walk up to and click on, which provides no challenge or satisfaction at all. The daily limit is good but when you have a daily limit you might as well require some effort too - scatter the nodes in the environment and mix them up in different maps instead of having a map guide you directly to where to go. An exception is Farming and Ranching which make sense to have localized in houses.
    Crafting needs to have a lot more options as right now the majority of items you make are downright useless. It also needs to incorporate actual drops you have to hunt for instead of picking up everything only through the free Gathering process.

    Fishing and Music are not Life Skills but I guess I'll comment on them here since you didn't make any other sections for them. Auto-fishing and auto-performing, I don't think these items belong in this game. Auto-fishing I can understand to an extent because fishing as it is now is really tedious. But basically people who pay for auto-fishing gain a huge advantage because they can gain so much while being practically AFK. It's a bit too P2W for my taste because in the long run it's a several times bigger gain (for example a single night of auto-fishing while you sleep gives you as much as a normal person would get for fishing the whole day).
    Auto-perform is just... paying for free XP, for the same reason. Not only are you spamming music that people probably get tired of, it's not like you're even working for the XP and getting a buff or anything. You're just getting XP doing nothing while you're asleep or not playing the game. I think it's very stupid.
  • SpoicySpoicy
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    I felt the daily aspect took away from the life skills, sometimes I didn't feel like exploring or bossing, and i just wanted to level up my life skills. The daily aspect made it feel more like a chore and not something I really wanted to do since early on it just felt so underwhelming.
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