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[Feedback] Side Activities

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Please leave your feedback regarding Side Activities for the Closed Beta. This includes mini games, music performance, socializing.


  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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  • aleskidashaleskidash
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    Should this include Guild activities? I feel this is an important aspect we could use a topic for, if there is enough interest. If so, I would like to suggest removing the 24 hour contribution limit, or lowering it to say, 6-12 hours. I'm not sure I understand why it is so high. Is there a reason this is in place, to prevent abuse?
  • jakisaurjakisaur
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    i just played MapleOX and got the statement "the part of a potato most commonly eaten is its stem." i chose X (false) and got dropped with the message "the part of a potato most commonly eaten is its tuber." which means it should've been false, right? clip:
  • ChrisChris
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    Just played a round of MapleOX, question was T/F A Tablet can be used to input pictures (or something along those lines) answer was False as a Scanner does that, but Tablets are technically also capable of this. The questions should be reviewed for fact and also translation.
  • HarmlessHarmless
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    Mi favorite minigame is the race one, super fun! The dancing one is cool as well. These were a great idea. :)
  • FaelightFaelight
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    Favorite game so far is Dance Dance Stop. Super cute to see my character dance.

    The XO game is hard. The one time I've gotten it everyone lost first question! Hahaha
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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    All of the favorite mini games are fun as hell HONESTLY. I think we need MORE variations of Mini Games. No rush on this but when the time comes?

    I've yet to play around with music but I think that'll be great to see too.
  • VokadosVokados
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    1. LOVE the minigames, they are perfect. extremelly fun. I think if in future updates there are new minigames included, it will keep things very fun and interesting.
  • LumiereXCIILumiereXCII
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    The OX Mini game is too difficult. A lot of the questions are not common knowledge and would only be known with a specific interest within that field.
  • ShiktoShikto
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    Id love to play a DIDGERIDOO instrument ingame. take my moneeeey
  • katsudonutkatsudonut
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    i love the side activities offered! so far, minigames are a good way to take a break from questing though i'm not sure if I would still enjoy it as much in the future after playing them too frequently. But it's good that they are just optional things that pop up once in a while. I find myself spending so much time trying to figure out the music composing and custom clothing design i love it a lot and think it's good side activity that I can immerse myself in. It makes the game more than just questing and grinding for me. I also personally love fishing in any game. It's a nice minigame with achievement but I do agree that I would want to be able to obtain fishes to sell or for some other purposes like crafting
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    so far i love the minigame side events you have. they are all fun little events and i always rush to join.

    however, whats up with the questions for the XO game? some of them are fine (having to do with maplestory 2 etc) but some are way out there. for example, 19x19=? or the one asking if leon from leon the professional is a milkman (hint, hes definately not, lol). some of them are also worded oddly. ex: the one where you ask if a tablet can input pictures, yes technically they can but the answer is no. i think some of these questions need to be checked and maybe taken out for more general knowledge questions. language needs to be addressed as well because as this is a global game what one person calls a stem another may call a tuber (see @jakisaur s post) so depending on where you're from you may get it wrong even if you know the answer.
  • InfoCat411InfoCat411
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    I like the minigames but I don't understand how to play them all yet. I just enjoy alternative ways to gain experience besides beating up the same enemies over and over again.
  • chaoscauserchaoscauser
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    Why aren't friends account based?.. (Guilds could be also for that matter) it's 2018, even MapleStory 1 has this
  • LuxAmariLuxAmari
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    My favorite mini game is the dance one but can we make it possible to fortify the 1 player blocks? Also the ludi jump quest is really laggy and doesn't always register when I hit the jump key.
  • prodigalSonprodigalSon
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    Music Performances:
    I really enjoy the concept of being able to create your own music and I think the future updates that will include more instruments will make many of the current examples more exciting! However, I think using the MML encoding for the music limits some of the possible scores we can find. I found that translating chords to MML is nearly impossible (provided you don't add another track with a lot of rests and the other part of the chord as the track).

    I would like to suggest two solutions:
    1) Have the encoding to be also MIDI (which allows for chords to be played)
    2) Have an option such as C0D0E4 which means that if the 0 comes after any note and the notes are concatenated together with notes after it, then it becomes a valid chord.
  • MarisaKirisameMarisaKirisame
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    I found the music playing really annoying I turned it off
    the problem is there's 12 different people trying to play music at the same time as somebody else the results as you get a very annoying noisy mess

    I wish the mini games were a lot more frequent
  • kawingshekkawingshek
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    Maple Quiz OX

    "CTRl+C is copy and paste (answer was O)"
    ??? When did ctrl C become copy and paste? I thought it was only copying.
    Some questions are very interesting and some might not feel relatable. Some has bad swording/sentences that makes it hard to read.

    Dance Dance Stop

    Was locked in with 9 people on a red 9 platform. (defense was on) but the platform broke and we fell anyways. Not sure if it's because of the servers not registering.

    There was a dancing part for the lights and I got kicked out of the game as it counted as I failed aswell as soon as the number platforms showed up for everyone to gather I've been kicked out before the timer ran out.

    Ludibrium Escape

    This bad boy here is probably the hardest due to either lego blocks not working correctly as you can fall through them, be inside them. This coud also be ping related as an issue.

    Whisper system

    /r does not go to the recent whisper that you received but stays to the person you wrote back last time.

    Emotes seems to be reset when you earn new ones. I remember keybinding the CBT celebration to F8 but it got reset on the emote list.
  • DekiDeki
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    Love the mini games It gives me total mario party vibes which i really enjoy!
    I also love that it takes a nice break from leveling when you need it. I do think some of the questions in XO are a bit really random for mapelstory but I love the idea. I regress I love the mini games its a good add on.
  • ShenRyujinShenRyujin
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    i love the mini games as well as pvp but i was wondering wat about combat mini games(no not pvp but pve modes we already faced) such as defense, escort, or even siege. some modes from doing the story was great itd be nice getting side versions of some of them where we could constantly play them.
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