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[Feedback] Housing


  • CandleCandle
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    The Decor shops I found and Decor Haven seemed like they would be furniture merchants, but were just NPCs with one line of dialogue.
    Housing could use an indicator of how many spaces out of how many possible spaces are being occupied by furnishings. It could just be a "24/125" tucked in somewhere since more furnishings = more resources = lower framerate.
    The Running/Swimming/Climbing/Falling trophy progression could stand to be disabled in houses, since a lot of houses seemed to just be trophy farms first and foremost.
    Was the block "shape" selection (i.e. cube, stairs, arch, slope, etc.) limited in the beta or is it limited to just stairs and cubes for performance purposes? It would be nice to furnish my house as if it were a real map but it felt like the shape variety was gimped by comparison.
    There are also a lot of furnishing from maps that weren't in the housing. I don't know if this was limited in the beta or they simply don't exist as place-able furnishings.
  • CheerCheer
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    Hi o/
    I don't believe my opinions match with most players but here are my thoughts.
    I had a fun time messing with the housing system in this CBT. Of the 82+ hrs I invested in the CBT, I spent roughly 45-55 hrs making 2 homes in my time playing.
    To give examples of my experiences I'll post my two homes and use them as examples,
    1st home that got me into the feel of the system.

    2nd home where I had access to blocks that weren't on previous designer levels, and better understanding of placements and composition.

    Firstly, the tutorial that you are given when you gain access to the housing system is confusing and somewhat misleading. Nothing in particular stood out to me, I found myself spamming spacebar and doing what was asked of me than actually reading. To some it maybe just something to gain exp for their character or believe that they can go forward without it.
    In my opinion to remedy this all you need to do is create a diagram similar to the hotkey diagram that tells the player every time on startup that the controls are
    W= raise the block
    S= lower the block
    E= Erase
    R= Rotate
    Arrowkeys = moving the block in a direction
    Mouse LC = to navigate the UI
    Although I did attempt to try and use the Mousing and keyboard controls and never did figure out how to use it properly. (Imo it felt less efficient than just using the mouse controls).
    Edit: found an image of the hotkeymap as an example.

    I believe it should function like how the system already works when placing block, warning you every time you enter and have a check box that allows the player to turn it off for one day.

    Secondly, Home Designer level. Like many others I missed the initial few days of designer level exp because I either ignored or misunderstood how the exp would function. Like the previous suggestion, creating a diagram that explains it in picture form would help get the message across better than weaving the tutorial between the game and a npc explainations.

    Generally, I believe the UI for the housing system was solid.
    Flipping through furnishings and its tabs were well done and have no problems how it conducts itself.
    Simple and straight forward.

    IMO what the housing system controls offer already meets the basic functional means that anyone who's interested in creating a house is capable of making a home.

    Now, reading though what everyone had to say about the basic camera when building and my comments on it.
    Personally, I think that this basic camera when building was generally fine, although it was annoying in the fact that we are unable to see behind a wall we placed or clipping the camera due to a 2nd floor that was placed above it. It created a natural problem that I believe isn't bad.

    Because of this problem, I learned things and overall believe became a better builder overall.
    1) The problem allowed me as a builder learn that walls are tangible and cannot be seen through.
    2) This problem functioned as a mental check to my basic camera when moving around as a player within that home.
    3) Because the camera can be annoying when building a home, It forces the player to focus at one part of the house over the overall composition such as 2nd floors.
    4) Because the camera is limited, it forces the player to think critically how to deal with the issue.
    Do they let the blocks cover a section of area?
    How does it affect their vision?
    Or more importantly, how do they use it in their favor?

    Now, by other players it is generally called out as something that inhibits their design/building process. There have also been calls to make the blocks transparent or enable a free camera when building. Although these would be nice additions to the system, my problem is what would it accomplish.
    While making blocks transparent when your character is behind said wall or objects these 2 things may happen.
    A) might affect the performance of the game
    B ) create unnecessary clutter on the screen.
    Just because you can have a wall there, should you?
    Also over time, when they expand the house height, they are able to get rid of the camera clipping issue when they raise the 2nd floor high enough that it no longer effects the basic view on the first floor.

    In regards to a free camera while building in game,
    I believe it maybe nice however, how does that effect the basic controls of the building process if it were to be added?
    Following this question, why do players need a free camera if anyone who visits is locked to the basic camera anyway.
    Something that can be added instead of a free camera when building is highlighting the block that you are hovering in yellow when it is behind a wall.

    Also, the top down and side view camera I believe are very novel, I don't remember seeing anyone utilize these views but generally I don't believe it adds anything to the system.

    Next, Housing costs.
    While this cbt waived the costs of blocks that are used when building and reduced the plot land in the open world, checking prices in the other two forms, KMS2 and CMS2 I believe depending how you price these housing blocks will show that the housing system will turn a majority of players away. While the average flooring/ground/furniture ranging from 5k to 12k mesos per block and roughly 100-400 merits per block as their cash counterparts, at first doesn't seem like much. However when you try to replicate something on the scale of the 2nd house i showed above. I used roughly more than 1100 placements in that home and roughly more than half of them were merits as well. It isn't a lie to say that the housing system is one of or THE biggest meso/merit sink in the game. (not counting the monthly fee to rent a plot in the game world added to the cost of actually developing a home).

    (sorry to dip into other topics but) To myself it feels like a shame that this system will be gated away from a majority of players since they will have to choose between playing for endgame PVE /PVP or spend everything they own to engage in the housing system. I believe that people will engage with the latter since the economy is so limited. From limited dungeon runs to lack of mesos available to grind in the open world.

    At the same time, those who invest in making trophy houses are rewarded for minimal effort and gain large amounts of recommends for star architect rank will always gain the top spots not for their creativity but because they help the player achieve exp/trophies for their/other characters easier. For the players who want to actually design a well thought out home and want to receive recognition for their work, they pale in comparison to get recommends because they do not benefit the players who visit or give them any incentives to do so. Because of this players will be turned away and ask "why bother." or try the system for an afternoon and never return to it again, effectively removing 1 avenue of revenue that will support this game in the long run.

    I believe that if you raised the prices of the blocks but allowed players to have access to an unlimited supply after purchasing that block it would make it more viable or ideal to invest in a home for designers sake and discourage those who wish to make trophy homes that want to gain a large amount of recommends for the star architect rank benefits cheaply.

    Lastly, TLDR point recap.

    1)Make a better tutorials using images/gifs rather than text
    2) Either get rid of mouse controls or rework them
    3) The basic camera is a challenge and a limiter to the building process
    4) The prices of housing blocks should be changed to fit western appeal, paying ($1)100 merits per flooring block out of 80 blocks isn't ethical in the view of many players.

    Edit and side note:
    Give players the ability to fish in these player homes, I think it will be a nice addition to have.
  • MilkTeéMilkTeé
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    I haven't touched the housing in ms2 a lot since I think it's something that requires some time to get used to and also something you can spend endless hours on.
    But from the things I did see, I really like all the things you can make in housing so I wish for the costs itself for the furnitures etc. not to be as high so it wouldn't limit people from making beautiful houses because of the cost instead of the creativity.
  • EvenaarEvenaar
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    The housing system itself looks really good, working wise it seems a little laggy. Whenever you go into the building mode, there is alot of GPU problems, adding lag spikes and such. Otherwise you have done a really good job with the moving around and placing!
    I love it! Keep the work up.
    Maybe those lags are on my end, but even if so, I would like to ask for a small overlook in performance c:
  • MochaLatteMochaLatte
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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet...

    There is a very simple, but very very serious bug in the building mode. The decoration score meter, x/1100 for the daily reward box thing... it manually checks every single block in the house, all over again, every time you add or remove any block in the house. This causes an extremely noticeable stutter every single time, and it gets worse and worse both as you add more blocks to the house, but also when the RAM for the game comes closer to it's limit (the "memory leak", this always occurs as you leave the game open and explore new areas, especially with user-made content).

    You can see the bug take effect, because the decoration meter never tries to count if there are 0 qualifying blocks in the home. Walls/beds/lighting/electronics/etc.... you could have literally 500 blocks placed in your house, and you will not get the stutter. If your 501st block is a wall block (so still a generic cube with a single texture just like the 500 already placed), something that is accounted for in the decoration score, ONLY THEN will the game stutter every time you touch any block, and when you delete the wall block, it all goes back to being perfectly smooth.


    A. Make decoration score a 1-time quest that stops checking after you complete it, and from then on you can get the tier 5 box daily even if you remove all the score items. This means players don't have to hide the score objects under/inside of something when they want to make a build that doesn't look like a traditional house, they just complete it once and forget about it.
    B. Put the decoration score UI behind a button, and have it only re-check the score while the UI is deliberately opened.
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