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[Feedback] Combat System


  • MelexaMelexa
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    Fire/ice Preset build

    Nice DPS for the time I could trial, I do like that every class (that I know of) has a skill to dash around, so no one is a complete sitting duck. I didn’t find any problems with skill spamming.

    Healing Preset build

    Healing party and others (while not in party) was nice along with being able to do some damage to mobs and bosses. As a Priest, I wouldn’t mind a fancy option to be able to see everyone’s health bar in the immediate area of fighting a boss. (That just a personal preference.) Other than that, healing rate is great, along with DPS as healing build.

    Side note:
    I’ve been reading player’s thoughts on field mobs having “Too Much Health”, I Liked it. In reality, nothing goes down without a fight, and if it seems that they are too hard to beat. There are factors of why it may seem that way, like equipped gear, skills, soloing, or you’re just not supposed to be there yet. It’s just a thought.
    In short: Field monsters are fine.
    Field Bosses: Are great! Brings Soloists and Parties together.

  • Scooby6363Scooby6363
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    Played knight and berserker to level 50. Surprised no one is talking about how useless half the abilities in each character's kits are. With knight especially, most DPS is best maximized simply by pressing 1 button. For knight, Typhoon Slash was almost always the best ability to use in any situation. Unless you are using shield toss to debuff the enemy or holy strike for the 1 second of spirit regeneration, there is almost no reason to use any other ability other than the occasional buff. Cross Swing and Tornado Slash became irrelevant abilities and Million Stings is just inferior compared to the mobility and damage of Typhoon Slash. When I played berserker, I noticed this issue less since the character was given much more passive abilities compared to active attack abilities. It seems that finding a good mix between passive abilities, active abilities, and buffs is essential in order to maximize the usage out of the kit of a character.

    The next issue with combat that was prevalent throughout my gameplay was how weak I constantly seemed against other monsters. Even normal mobs 10 levels under my character took a dozen seconds to kill each. At first I thought Knight was simply a weak class that focuses more on defending attacks and tanking, but I quickly ran into the same issue when I started leveling my berserker. In fact, it was even more difficult as berserker has a lower health pool and only 1 ability that always them to move while attacking. There is literally 0 reason to fight normal monsters unless you are attempting to get materials for your assistant as regular monsters take too much time to kill, provide no meaningful rewards, and are virtually useless for obtaining mesos.

    The issue with constantly feeling weak against monsters is reinforced when you have to fight bosses that forces your character down 20 levels in order to make sure your stronger character is scaled down to a level where the boss fight will feel long and tedious. Taking up so much time to collect epic weapons on my characters and produce a damage range of 3k per hit just to have it nerfed down to 600 per hit is beyond frustrating. It is almost as if I have not made any progress at all. Because of this issue, the only moment where a character can actually flaunt their powers is through the raids which require you to rely on 9 more people and the arena mode where what class you are playing heavily determines the outcome of the battle (priest is overpowered in arena).
  • TTitanTTitan
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    Since i mainly played with a heavy gunner, i have a few things to say....

    1- RATATATATATA (jk, sorry. the sound got me a bit too crazy.)

    (going serious now)

    1- The gameplay, from my perspective, is not boring. You always have to keep moving and ,for a heavy gunner, that's a weird thing to say. However, it challenges you to be tanky but fast to dodge all possible attacks. Summarizing, i can't just stay in front of a boss pressing "A" (the skill that uses the cannon to hit only one mob with multiple bullets. it costs 0 mana).

    I would rate it a 9/10, since it can always be better

  • adri1234adri1234
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    There is a quest in which we must protect some walls at a certain time, .. when I reach stage 2, scenes start to appear and it is irritating, I think it is unnecessary for you to leave scenes in the middle of an active quest, because we can die and fail and also that there is a waiting time for the cure, in my opinion they should also do something with the life potions, I guess it is the intention of the game that you have difficulty in healing yourself, and only by completing quest, the potions sometimes do not reach, I do not know ... it's my thought, I'm often tired of the game for this reason
  • DrYoshiyahuDrYoshiyahu
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    I posted this in an Archer-specific thread, but I want to make sure Nexon sees it, so I'm putting it here as well.
    I do think Archers are too weak, specifically in party gameplay. I fully understand that they're a party-based class, and not supposed to thrive alone, which is true, because no other class, in my experience, struggles as much on the solo dungeons in the epic questline as Archers do. But then, even in parties and raids, where the Archer is supposed to shine, they're often neglected. Most parties are just as content with a solo-based DPS class like a Thief or an Assassin over an Archer, the premier party DPS class. Even Sharp Eyes, which is their main selling point, is often ignored by party members, even when I announce that I'm using the skill to the party.

    I think Sharp Eyes needs a buff, specifically in that it should increase critical damage, and not just crit chance. Crits are extremely weak in MS2, especially compared to MS1, but just in general as well. I've never heard of a game setting default crit damage as low as 125%. Most games are either 150% or 200%, with the ability to take it even higher than that.

    Archers, along with Assassins, are the crit classes, that was true in MS1 as it is now, and the Assassin has no trouble raising their crit damage, but Archers are relegated to a measly 125% which already sits upon the abysmal crit rate in MS2, capped out at just 40%, which is actually as low as the minimum crit rate for Bowmen in MS1. I believe this is the reason that no one cares about Archers, and specifically Sharp Eyes.

    I'd like for one of two things: Archers get 150% crit damage as default, and Sharp Eyes gives 5% crit damage per level, bringing the Archer's max potential to 200%, or, alternatively, Sharp Eyes gives 7.5% crit damage per level, allowing the whole party to hit the 200% mark.

    I'm completely fine with Sharp Eyes getting a longer cooldown to compensate; they can take away the accuracy buff as well and no one will complain, but as of right now, the current stats of the skill are so marginal, party members literally don't care whether they have it or not, even when they're standing next to an Archer in their party. That's not just sad for the Archer, it means that Nexon has poorly designed Sharp Eyes, and it's not currently filling the need it's supposed to. This may also be a reason why Archers are so unpopular, second only to Heavy Gunners. The one thing that sets them apart from the other DPS classes, a crit-based party buff, is just not good enough.
  • happyx2055happyx2055
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    The classes need a damage rebalance. As an archer, I thought the hp of higher level monsters were way too high, but as a wizard, everything was dying just fine. Bandit too, it didn't take as many hits to kill. I liked playing archer because of the skills, but it seems theyre getting the short end of the stick in damage again (feels like this is a trend in nexon games? or maybe just me). :/
    Also, for some aoe skills like the arrow rain one and someone mentioned the fire tornado one?, the skill would go on cooldown and the sound would play but the skill wouldn't be activated.
    In the world chat I saw someone mention that archers aren't played as much because most people prefer the gunner. I haven't tried the gunner so I can't say much on it, though. Another underplayed class was priest; I forgot the last one they mentioned though.

    Gameplay wise, I generally didn't have a problem with the combat, but I did have a few issues.
    I think it would be nice to have us hit a monster that we've already been hitting or that has aggro on us, instead of us hitting a random monster in the same direction when we attack. Also, I'd like there to be more time between us getting in range of a monster's aggro and them starting to chase us. Not everyone is going to be perfectly lagless and they get in the way when I'm trying to get somewhere quick. Also, when I fall I don't want to be taken down before my character gets up from her "ow" animation.
    Please move monster spawn points away from portals and npcs, I've loaded into maps half dead so many times and I don't like getting attacked when I'm trying to hold a conversation with an NPC for a quest.

    I also wanted to add something more personal to me, but probably something that a lot can relate to? Since I mained an archer, I can't really speak for other class's movement skills, but I think the bronze eagle skill that moves you in the direction you're facing shouldn't cost so much stamina. As a ranged class, I'm constantly having to dodge things and it's just so inefficient. I'm on the laggy side so using the one where you shoot arrows and jump backwards isn't really viable since I end up jumping in the wrong direction if my character wont turn. Archers only have one aoe skill and it has an insanely long cooldown with only average damage, and the other 2 multi-attack skills have a slower dps compared to other classes (they have long animation and mediocre damage).
  • UberchaoUberchao
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    I would like to take the time to say that Thief is absolutely perfect in every way and I hope it doesn't change, aside from maybe how quickly it eats SP. But otherwise I love the difficulty, this class is one of the better ones when played well, but pretty bad if you lack experience or want to turn your brain to a low power setting. And I freaking love it.
    Unfortunately none of the other classes I played come even close to Thief in how fun they are. To a degree that makes sense, not everyone wants to remain hyper-focused or have to micromanage, and I wouldn't say there's any class that takes no skill, as there's always challenge in avoiding attacks and such. But to have only one class that's intense enough to make even normal mobs fun to fight, it seems a little off to me. The 3 future classes might alleviate this though, haven't played em yet. I usually describe combat in this game as "good, nothing special, but enough to have fun with", but Thief elevates this to the level of Vindictus or PSO2. I wish I could fall in love with another class to the same degree, but hey, I don't mind maining Thief at all.

    As someone above me said also, some classes, namely Knight, have one or two skills that practically invalidate the rest of their moves, at least in PvE. Berserker has this mechanic that builds stacks of something, but spending those stacks on certain skills seems way less worthwhile than simply spamming the drastically boosted Ground Slam that they bestow, I might be wrong about this though. At any rate, Ground Slam is at least a slowish attack that can't be safely spammed in front of an aggressive boss, unlike Knight's Typhoon Slash, so zerkers can switch it up a bit.

    Lastly, I love how bulky the mobs are, teaching you how to actually play your class instead of just nuking them before they can get a hit on you. Especially as a Thief main, their high HP more or less forces you to figure out how to maximize your damage, and encourages you pull more and more of them at once to get things done quicker, thereby making you learn how to survive and get the most out of your defenses and evasive abilities as well. Yes, definitely boost the EXP gained from killing them, but I don't think people should complain about feeling weak or threatened by these guys; you're supposed to be, they're living monsters and not dummies, not to mention there's a lot of unique attacks they have that in most games, one wouldn't normally get to see or have to deal with.
  • LilSquirterLilSquirter
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    Let's just say with these cubes I found my self missing alot as an assassin controlling my aim with awds
  • EyphaEypha
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    i wish they would remove the "gear down" on world bosses. that s**t is just stupid tbh. like you "gear balance" PvE world bosses but PvP is not? thats beyond stupid (i dont care about PvP btw i just noticed ppl are complaining).
  • XenairXenair
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    Hi, cbt's David here. I played quite a bit of pvp during the cbt and finished second only to kier out of the assassins who—if I'm not mistaken—has prior experience in other servers, so I think I'm qualified enough to say that despite doing well for having no prior pvp experience, I think assassins need a significant buff if you want them to see proper high level pvp representation. After speaking with other players in top50 using assassin for pvp in the beta (jiggajacks, vheissu), the consensus is that assassin lacks the pvp damage of other classes and is only on even footing with a high level of outplay and against many classes (looking at you knight, berserker) even the most skilled among us felt like matchups against equally skilled and geared players was the other player's match to lose, not ours to win. I'm not interested in seeing assassins dominate the pvp scene; I just want to see proper balance where the more skilled players rise to the top regardless of class. Even though assassin is an extremely popular class only having 5(?) in the top 50 clearly displays that they're underrepresented at a high level given their current balance.
  • DigitalSurgeDigitalSurge
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    I support the idea of allowing us to reset stats and skills if we are to continue using this skill tree foundation. But if it's going to be like the original maplestory; where you can max all skills and auto-resign stats, both works well. But you shouldn't limit players when using the skill tree program in the actual launch, such as making it cost merets or buying some scrolls
  • FaelZagaFaelZaga
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    I think the most important thing about the combat is how fast the spirit recoveries. I think it is the key to the balance of the classes in this game.
    I used to like the way the system combat was before the restart. I am not talking about the old skills, but how we needed to use the basic attack to recovery our spirit. This new system, the spirit recoveries very fast and there are some classes that take advantage of this using the same skill every time.
    Maybe there could be a mix of the two styles. The spirit would recovery slower than the current one, but still it would be necessary to use the basic attack to fill it.
  • maushunter1maushunter1
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    I had an assassin.
    I found that aiming was a big problem... mainly because everytime i ran in a direction i had to take the time to turn around and aim at the enemy, in the meantime he already reached me and i had to ran away again.....
    Please insert aim-lock, AND maybe locking could help me attack from above (even 1 cube height is fine) as the maps are really ups and downs and my attack missed always because they were 1 block lower or higher.

    Also i had issue with the spirit witch was always low and the char keep saying it was low and i had almost no mean to replenish it beside wait..... i could you SPIRIT POTIONS......
    I actually had a way as an assassin, one of my skills did regen my spirit but it was slow so i had to apply it to many enemy, the PROBLEM was that it kept targeting the SAME enemy over and over... the only was i had was to run in circle and hope another enemy actually came in front of the horde but it took so many time that waiting felt better.....

    I think that making that skill target multiple enemys or target a different enemy everytime is better :)
    Thanks <3
  • HarmlessHarmless
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    I think Berserker is too good, and Archer need serious upgrades with respect to resources, SP and Stamina. It runs out constantly and almost ruins the class for me. It's not like Archers are such killing machines that they NEED this kind of nerf. Their damage is at most okay. So please make it so SP and Stamina are not such a glaring issue anymore because otherwise, the gameplay for the class is fun!

    EDIT: Another problem with Archer (dunno if other ranged classes have the same issue but I'm guessing yes): As soon as you go up like, 2 steps on some stairs, you cannot hit mobs on ground level anymore. This is nothing short of ridiculous and I don't need to explain why.
  • KillerDxDKillerDxD
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    Idk if this is already mentioned, but ill point it out anyways. I believe the combat is rather difficult because you have to position yourself constantly(especially for range characters). If possible, could you guys change it so that the mouse can be used to aim when using skills?
  • LinChaiLinChai
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    Hi there~!!!

    So combat...Okay, combat is probably where I had my second most issues, firstly with controls. It was easier once I got the hang of it but I am very much a scrub when it comes to combat. xD I've played only the Wizard so far and I really like it! Though she's more of a ranged type of class, I pretty much just end up in direct combat with mobs and since I am squishy, I take a hit pretty hard. I'm used to the 2D battle system of MS1 so I've had to learn how to dodge with teleport and/or simply fleeing. I do really like that mobs charging an attack can't actually hit you if you run or teleport away from them (in contrast to other games I've played where they can actually hit you no matter the distance so long as you're in their line of vision...)
    I suggest perhaps a tab-lock on feature would be pretty useful since - as a mouse user - I'm not always sure where I'm attacking, especially when I aim my attacks in one place and end up somewhere else...
    One thing that ultimately bothers me in non-combat situations is the auto-aggressiveness of monsters. Every monster will attack me as long as they see me and it does become rather troublesome at times, especially while trying to talk to NPCs. Even the really low-leveled mobs will attack, regardless of how far out of their level range you are from them.
    My only other issue with this is the potion cool down. I know plenty of people will just tell me to "Git Gud" but for those of us who are just generally not that great at gaming but still want to be able to play, the potion cool down is a little frustrating, and not being able to use them while stunned is even more infuriating. xD If the cool down isn't completely eliminated, then maybe decrease the timing a little? It could help out just a bit. xD :P
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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    Combat to me was pretty decent!

    I tried out 3 ranged classes found that they all had their differences, pros and cons. Rangers aren't too weak, they're quite strong given the distance to damage mobs. Assassin played out as it was, requiring you to move a lot and had a ton of involvement in interaction. Wizard has great burst damage. I don't know about the PVP perspective of all as I haven't really got to PVP much.

    The experience of playing each of these 3 were all fun overall. I didn't feel clunky with the classes when playing, and it all felt pretty smooth to me.

    Boss mechanics were interesting, it had me moving all around! and I love how we can hug bosses =P.
  • YellowFreakaZoidYellowFreakaZoid
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    OKAY, some mobs especially the bosses during the storyline seemed to have WAY too much health compared to my character. And for that, it feels like I am just button mashing for ages just to peel their HP.

    I played knight, so I don't know if other people had the same issue but, having my character use up Spirit too fast and them saying "Not enough spirit" got annoying pretty fast especially at higher levels. Additionally, the fact that I can't level up the skill to regain Spirit faster sucked.
  • SuchaQTSuchaQT
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    Make the dodging way more tighter. I'm not sure if it was due to latency, but the dodging felt very clunky, and i was getting hit even if I was well out of the way of the attack (could also be a hit box problem?). If I dodged an attack last minute I would still get hit which felt frustrating especially during the raids.
  • HeraldRejnHeraldRejn
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    Berserker is too op and too easy to play. ranger is too weak and maybe heavy gunner but heavy gunner is op in end game.
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