May 27th is finally upon us. Please feel free to join us on the last day as the servers come down one by one. More details here:
MapleStory 2's servers will be officially closing on May 27th:


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Played Maple Story for a few years at launch and now really excited for MS2! Hoping to build a casual community & guild in Maple Story 2. If you're 18+, mature, friendly & HYPED about MS2 as much as we are, please send me a private message here on the forums, on twitch or on discord.

Mainly NA EAST with a growing EU player base.
Guild name: Pink

P.S: Joining our guild is not mandatory, feel free to still message me if you'd just want to join the discord!

- PinkLady
Twitch channel:
Discord ID: PinkLady#9419
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