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Why did you choose to play priest?


  • ZenmaruZenmaru
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    I'm looking forward to playing a Priest, because I've always had a love for playing supportive roles. I get a bit nervous when playing DPS roles, and I can never seem to keep up with the best gear, optimizations, etc. Healers are generally a lot more laid-back in terms of gameplay, and I'm more than happy to help out those who are good at DPS to do their best! Everyone serves a role, and everyone benefits. ♥
  • MichaelMouseMichaelMouse
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    As a wizard, I never understood the fun of playing a priest.
  • GreenleafzGreenleafz
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    So I could use Genesis... Duh XD
  • CassieCassie
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    I'm always a healer in basically every game I play, it's just how I enjoy playing the game!
    And when you save someone's butt..
  • DeadMalcolmDeadMalcolm
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    I like apples
  • S4TURN37S4TURN37
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    The reason is I'm picking the priest is, well, because I've always taken healer classes in MMORPGs and anything else is outside of my comfort zone at this point lol

    Although the gunner looks cool
  • scholar624scholar624
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    MS2's Priest (much like support classes in other MMOs) require a different mindset than DPS's "beat the ever-living snot out of the boss while dancing around attack mechanics until his HP hits 0".

    An outstanding Healer requires remaining calm amidst crisis, predicting what the boss will do next, preparing counter measures if necessary , triaging who in your party is in the most immediate danger, and maintain a steady MP supply just in case slime hits the fan.

    Overall, it's developing a really great skill set to have IRL when multitasking is the word of the day.
  • ChearriChearri
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    I usually play the support/healer/buffer kind of classes in any MMO within my friend group. I like to have the power to heal others. Also, people appreciate when you bring them back from the almost brinks of death. Its great when someone tells you, "I had low HP, why didnt you heal me all the way? " My response "But did you die?" Like I cant focus all my heals on you, some people need it more than others. But yea, I like the challenge I guess.
  • jimjam4444jimjam4444
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    I like priest because people want the "fun" people and so they play the assassins, archers, and ect. Meanwhile I will just chill with this role and be unique and one of the rarities because i do not want to compete with a million other people. Also I like the skills . . . . I think that is it so . . . . thanks for reading??? Anyways I welcome you to be a Priest if you want.
  • saipandasaipanda
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    I like getting blamed when the raid wipes....

  • LyraIeiLyraIei
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    I play priest for two reasons:

    1. I feel horrible having to rely on another healer to carry the party through. I tried being a tank and a dps and none of the other healers I met chose to pocket my health bar and preffered to dps until I was critical and needed healing.

    2. I got so good I sin of pride when I play the healer role. Its simple to me to just spam heal to get someone up and keep the buff going for their damage. That said, if they run around like a headless chicken I'm not chasing them for a heal. They can dance around the boss like everyone else does and they'll get their hp back, but I'm not following you to that corner of the map.
  • LimidisLimidis
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    What is potion?
  • AkreneaAkrenea
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    I like being able to support my party when I have one but also being able to play by myself if I do not have anyone to play with at that moment. I really wanted to see how this worked in Maplestory 2. I started playing priest because I was contemplating whether I would main Wizard or Priest when the actual game launches.
  • ConsciousConscious
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    they're essentially self-sufficient so you never have to worry about wasting money on expensive pots
    and in parties they're usually well protected so you don't often have to worry about being the first to die
    and also the buffs
  • MixaeMixae
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    I tried out almost all the classes but I like priest because it reminds me of holy paladin like in WoW. I want to be needed in a group. I like the scepter and bibble that we carry around. I like the female character voice best? My other option would be knight.
  • ZangaZanga
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    instant queues are nice.
  • RapthorneRapthorne
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    I main healing in every game I play. I love party support and being able to help others :)
  • mmviimmvii
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    I just wanted not to have to waste money on potions :\. I've alted a healer in a pvp 8 man before and did well and mained a shaman in WoW so I have some healer experience but I am not sure how I would do in a party in MS2. If I do grp up I will make sure it's easy dungeons or something first to get use to healing/buffing other people.
  • ElphydaElphyda
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    At first, I played the Assassin role, and it was fun enough. I made a second character to just dink around with another class after I got my Assassin to lv50, but couldn't decide on which to pick. What sold me on Priest was her voice acting, at first... but once I started playing her, she really grew on me. I greatly enjoy playing a Priest — more than I did playing an Assassin — and will definitely be playing her again on release.
  • FokinoFokino
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    Its because Support is Life