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Why did you choose to play priest?


  • ZangaZanga
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    Because I want people to love me.

    Will heal slave for love.
  • ShiktoShikto
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    edited 6:38AM April 28, 2018
    cuz there is no striker/soulbinder and i dont wanna gear up another class for dps, so ill be a cost effective healer meanwhile xD
  • PotatoeZeGreatPotatoeZeGreat
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    From ms1:

    1) Priests are easy to play
    2) You choose a class you know you will have a low dps at (unlike some classes where you discover it later and get disappointed)
    3) You save money on hp potions
    4) You make a lot of money since you don't need anything
    5) It's fun to make a second char with high dps afterward (who makes a high dps char and then priest?)
  • GilgameshFaemistGilgameshFaemist
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    I was a cleric in Maple 1 back in the day, waaaaay back in the day. It was fun to bounce around while everyone was fighting to heal'em so they could keep fighting and not worry about dying. I've always enjoyed supporter classes because even the biggest, baddest knight is going to need someone to have their back and keep them alive. Really excited to explore the priest class and see how it works in Maple 2. I know a lot of other people are going to main a priest, but I hope whichever channel/server I end up in, I gain some renown and not just another (insert name of) priest for a party quest or boss run.
  • catonfirecatonfire
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    Have always played support roles, and I'm a nurse IRL
  • ShamKunShamKun
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 625
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    I'm going to play priest because I like being yelled at by my teammates I guess.
  • EuprocryonEuprocryon
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 930
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    The main reason I typically play healers/support sorts is because I like getting to interact with people; it's fun hopping around and being able to help, but it's also fun to get to know and interact with other people.
  • EothephosEothephos
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 520
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    I actually have never played Priest in the original MapleStory, but in every other MMO and RPG I'm usually one, so I wanted to try it out this time :D
    Plus, I really wish to know people and get into a guild this time around.
  • azursoulazursoul
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    under rated classes and glad to help those in need, even if not needed (free heals ^^)
  • PalmtopPalmtop
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    Because im an atheist and like to pretend im something else than i am in real life when playing mmorpgs.
  • PicasoPicaso
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 510
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    Support life only life
    It's more satisfying keeping everyone alive then being TOP DEEPS
  • NiharahNiharah
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,345
    Posts: 55
    Because I like to play as support and it’s a good way to know new ppl since pretty much everyone need a healer at some point xD
  • WómanWóman
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    Posts: 7
    I play supports / healers because it's nice to be appreciated by those in needs :-) You can recognize a good player when he notice a good support in his party and not being like - Im the highest dps, Im the boss! :-)
  • AldosamaAldosama
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    edited 4:57AM April 30, 2018
    Because I love taking the blame <3
  • AirysAirys
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 975
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    All the lives depend on my actions. If people don't want to cooperate, I get to choose to end their lives.

    In all seriousness though, I find myself maining support in every type of games because I like healing/buffing myself and others, staying out of range, and feeling helpful.
  • AquasplashQueenAquasplashQueen
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 510
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    personally I want to play priest because I like to help out people and make them feel safe

    and also I have an unhealthy obsession with overbuffing people
    I need assistance with that
  • NekoLilyNekoLily
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 2,490
    Posts: 137
    It all started when I was new to online games and was playing with a friend who recommended me to go warrior. Playing with him he told me we needed a healer/cleric/whatever-the-name to continue our journey and got to know a person who was really really good at healing, she was extremely loved by her friends and couldn't even land a blow on the lowest mob around. It was hilarious but her attitude and decision hit me hard and got me thinking that I wanted to be like her!

    Not exactly like her, so I usually got some warrior skills to support me when doing some solo quests and all, but since then I started doing the supportive character, even in a MOBA and not only in MMOs in general.
    Thanks to this I even got to know I really don't like fighting in the front lines as usually I'm below average of what you expect of someone dealing damage and all and I don't want to disappoint anyone, so...
  • zombiefanguyzombiefanguy
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,435
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    I like the appreciation that comes from being a healer, and I enjoy the thrills that come from lacking most conventional protections. Additionally, I find that playing a healer makes me more observant, as I have to constantly monitor the area, mobs, and party members around me to stay alive and be useful. Plus, I find that I suck at DPS most of the time, so I stick to something I can't screw up as hard.
  • NinTheFolfNinTheFolf
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 620
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    Being a healer in MS1 was always nice, both due to how fast you could get party quest invites and they're still half decent attackers if you're playing solo.
  • FiyaFiya
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    Posts: 19
    Being a healer as always been my thing, nothing else drawn me to a class unless it was healer.
    Well I lied, Archer classes always make me warm too.