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Why did you choose to play archer?


  • nodewirenodewire
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    Birds are amazing! Plus bows are always really cool in lots of games.
  • KuzyaKuzya
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    I always start off with an archer no matter what game I play. Then I try out the other classes afterward.
  • IntricateIntricate
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,170
    Posts: 23
    Cause my ancestors once used bow and arrow.
  • HoneShoujoHoneShoujo
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    archers are just always really cool!!
  • MatboksenMatboksen
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,690
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    I watched through all the classes skills on YouTube, and archer looked the most fun to me.
    I also have a level 165 Bowmaster that was really fun to play back in the day.
  • DrYoshiyahuDrYoshiyahu
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    Matboksen wrote: »
    I watched through all the classes skills on YouTube

    @Matboksen, just be aware that the skills have changed pretty dramatically, so anything from last year or earlier might be out-of-date. I've listed all the skills as per KMS2's current patch in my guide, but we don't know what GMS2 is going to start with, so they might also all be wrong for all we know.
  • RoastChickenRoastChicken
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    Used to main Marksman in the original game. Glad to see old references such as Arrow rain (or storm) and strafe!
  • BrokenrosekingBrokenroseking
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    People don't appraicte the simplicty of a archer. as a archer main in maplestory we are the underdog out o fmaple. Back in the old maple days what we had to survie was our good old scarecrow and our bird buddy!
  • FantasyLiedFantasyLied
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    edited 4:45PM May 7, 2018
    I am the bone of my sword.
  • Pepper'n'ShamePepper'n'Shame
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    edited 11:06PM May 8, 2018
    Love the feeling of firing an arrow from a cool-looking bow while wearing chic green clothes. Plus we have the unquestionably CUTEST hats.
    (I've been trying to find a way to get a Green Patriot hat irl)
  • SateejSateej
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    Posts: 12
    Usually I play Assassin, but I guess I felt like Oliver Queen when I chose this character.
  • WntrWolfxWntrWolfx
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    To make a long story short, I always main an archer in every game I play, and MapleStory is the reason why.

    To make a long story long, here it is all written down.

    I have pretty much the same story. I remember back when I first started, it took me a month the level up to 30. Bomb arrow and soul arrow saved my experience.
  • TheCurrySauseBanditTheCurrySauseBandit
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    I got stuck customizing my keyboard settings to accommodate my Thief. After about 3 days of just constantly customizing the lay out for the character to "feel right" my brother suggested I try another class and get used to a button layout. After a bit of hesitation, I decided to take up his advice and tried Archer.

    Haven't touched Thief since then and maxed out my Archer with ease. It's just so...relaxing. I want to go back to Thief, but I can't shake off this feeling that...the people NEED Sharp Eyes.
  • EtherityEtherity
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    I can't shake off this feeling that...the people NEED Sharp Eyes.

    Yes.. yesssss..!
  • ChizubagaChizubaga
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    I like my bird! The equipment looks cool because I like uniform-like outfits.
    Dodging and snipe animations are really well done and it makes me feel like I'm aware and immersed all time because we all know we're kind of glassy haha. Makes for great gameplay in my opinion.
  • HaiiroHaiiro
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    Fascination with them since I first started playing MMORPG's back in childhood, no matter the game. Long range characters with kiting are always fun for me.
  • DracoImpactDracoImpact
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    Because of H'aanit.
  • rainsonatarainsonata
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    I always go for long range classes with archer as the default class. I love the aesthetic with the cute uniforms and having a bow, so there's that too.
  • VoiaVoia
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    Archer It has always been my favorite class in all games :3
  • FearmypawsFearmypaws
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    I chose archer because it reminds me of my favorite previous character blood elf hunter from world of warcraft which i finally decided to quit for good. (BFA doesn't deliver very good)