Corrupt a Wish Game


  • YanderellaYanderella
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    Granted, but will stay the same form when you were 12 and you won't die but suffer through any permanent injuries or scars on your body.

    I wish people to be happy.
  • BamboozlerBamboozler
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    Granted, but then everyone in the world becomes allergic to smiling.

    I wish for a cute puppy to wake me up every morning <3
  • dhk_8613dhk_8613
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    Granted, but it wakes you up at every five minute interval.

    I wish my class ended already.
  • MwoonMwoon
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    Your class ends, but that just means you have to go to another class D:

    I wish for something to eat. I'm hungry.
  • BlavyBlavy
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    Granted, you get something to eat. But you will be permanently hungry.

    I wish I could go to a party.
  • JelloBearJelloBear
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    *sirens* You were the only one who got caught when the cops came to shut it down.

    I wish I had frames for my posters.
  • MadelineMadeline
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    Granted...though they're made out of cheese and will expire in a few days.

    I wish I had designer clothes.
  • KeekeroKeekero
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    Granted, You have designer clothes, but they give you bad luck

    I wish to sleep forever
  • SeulbiSeulbi
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    granted, only after you die...

    I wish to be immortal
  • AulynAulyn
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    Granted, but you live alone in the galaxy when every little things are gone v(ಥ ̯ ಥ)v.
    I wish luck for my family and I (✿◠‿◠) !
  • TheChaosLegendTheChaosLegend
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    Granted but it happens to be the bad kind.

    I wish to be ruler over the entire world!
  • SeulbiSeulbi
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    Granted, but the world only have you alone...

    I wish everyday is holiday!!
  • AlexandAlexand
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    Granted, but you are the only person who has to work.

    I wish I could stop time
  • JelloBearJelloBear
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    Unfortunately, that causes all food to become tasteless. You fall into despair.

    I wish I had flip flops.
  • HicciHicci
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    Granted, but time stops for you as well.

    I wish girls would like me.

  • JauniceJaunice
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    Granted, but you can never have "sexy time" with them.

    I wish to live in a fantasy world.
  • LefteasLefteas
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    u now live in a fantasy world, only to get eaten by demons

    i wish that i can have a tiny pet dragon
  • LeFancyPandaLeFancyPanda
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    Granted, yet that tiny pet dragon is unable to do ANYTHING for itself. (Eating, pottying, sleeping, flying, etc.)

    I wish someone would play games with me
  • UmiSonodaFanUmiSonodaFan
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    Granted, but the only game you will play is monopoly.

    I wish for a new computer
  • KurtisKurtis
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    Granted, but it cannot turn on.

    I wish I could meet an alien specie.