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The Bamboozler has arrived!

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Hey everyone!

Just here to say hello. I just made an account today, realising that MapleStory 2 had been announced to the rest of the world.
I've known about this game since the Korean release (3 years give or take) and love what I see!
I used to play the original MapleStory as a kid and have always loved the MapleStory universe.
Unfortunately I felt like I got into the original game too late and felt overwhelmed by just how much content there was.
I'm hoping that I can get into this game as a sort of clean slate/fresh start.

About Me
I'm currently living in Sydney, Australia and work as a teacher.
I've been playing games my entire life, generally love anything that's multiplayer/co-op and has both social and grinding elements.
I hope to see a lot of new faces on the forums and if anyone wants to chat feel free to start a conversation with me.
Also I'd love to get to know more about the community here so I've attached a poll.


MapleStory Monsters: Slimes and Mushrooms!
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What I'm Looking Forward to: Socialising, Building Houses, Completing Mini-games and Fishing!

Class: I haven't played MapleStory 2 yet but I think I'll be trying out the Thief and Archer first!
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Animals: Kookaburras are probably my favourite animal if I had to pick one.

Food: Sushi!

Movies and TV Shows: I'm a big fan of most things DC and Marvel.
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Important threads that I have created
Class Guide [Megathread]
MapleStory 2 Staff Roster
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Bamboozler's Birthday and AMA

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The Bamboozler
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  1. Is this going to be the first MapleStory game you played?42 votes
    1. Yes
       43% (18 votes)
    2. No, I've played the first game and/or mobile game as well
       57% (24 votes)