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What's your first memorable MapleStory experience?


  • TseneTsene
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    Walking through Henesys, amazed by how many people were just chilling and chatting here. Then right after that entering the freemarket... oh dear... what is this...

  • sammyfoxwolfsammyfoxwolf
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    hi how are u :3
  • XenociderOmegaXenociderOmega
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    Getting curb stomped by crimson balrog
  • CzareCzare
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    witnessing Tiger ascend to Godhood and hearing of the folklore surrounding his epic journey to the top
    dont know what max lvl was back in those days, but lvl 70 was considered "pro" or someshit.

  • sammyfoxwolfsammyfoxwolf
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 600
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  • sammyfoxwolfsammyfoxwolf
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 600
    Posts: 3
  • BearSenseiBearSensei
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    I actually dint understand how to use skills or what job advancements were, Little old me being level 50 only using basic attacks throwing small stars at stumps and slimeys, A Buddy of mine came along and she told me how to use it and it was amazing what i could do the difference in power was so real! Lol now that i think about it i really dunno how i managed to pull off 1-50 without knowing that either, good times XD

    Also Cake monster was m y first boss encounter i was amazed how cool and creative the bosses could be, big ass cake just sitting on people was hilarious xD
  • mewberimewberi
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    i have a good chunk of memorable moments but what stands out to me is two memories,
    the first being the times where i would play on my thief character and use dark sight to travel through areas
    i otherwise would never be able to reach at my lvl, i loved exploring and a small handful of times i even had other people
    join me or made friends who were surprised i'd even gotten so far and survived.

    the other was the first time i went on the ship to orbis on my first character who was a priest!
    i didn't go alone, i actually had made some friends in henesys and headed there with two of them,
    they'd often accompany me on quests and help guide me and at that time i wanted to see aqua road
    after they told me about it so they helped me work towards it so we could have our own little party under the sea!

    but it wasn't so simple at first, when we first waited and went on that boat, only one of us didn't wipe out when the balrogs attacked
    although she did end up joining us on purpose once she realised we'd done so and we had a laugh about it waiting for the next boat,
    next time someone outside of our group told everyone on the trip to go inside so we did that and ended up having a fun chat with everyone
    else who'd gone in, we actually ended up having one of them join us and adding a hero who had plans to go somewhere else,
    the trip was way worth it and he had a blast working towards the goal of getting down to aqua road,
    we made a small pit-stop at el nath along the way too for fun.
  • wackalotwackalot
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    memorable? i had quite some fun but..
    well in maple story 1 when i was playing(a LONG time ago)
    i had a problem with the "vacuum" cheaters in every map, like hit monsters impossible range and vacuum all loots O_o

    hoping this game wont get cheated/botted hard , but since its old in korea i fear the worst :D
  • DreadPallexDreadPallex
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    Accidentally leveling dex on my magician, rage quitting, then making a new magician only to do it again, sigh
  • ZalixorZalixor
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    Doing Party Quests and having a friend using Auto Clicker to get in fast, haha. Scouting teams already inside and stuff. Even just casually grinding with friends while chatting. So many good memories. Back in '05-06 or something.
  • GlassOwlGlassOwl
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    My favourite memories are mostly with my guild, but before that, was when the cash shop first came out. I remember my friend and I were hanging out in Ellinia, and we'd keep seeing people going past in the same outfit, since there weren't a lot of choices when cash shop first came out.

    Once guilds came out though, my favourite memory was me and my friends saving up for our guild. I made a guild called the MightyLosers, and we basically did a lot of Ludi PQ when that came out. Unfortunately my account got hacked and my guild was deleted. I miss those days though.
  • LidiumLidiuLidiumLidiu
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    Mine would be near to when I first started on my old account. I was a little Archer and some dude was hitting hardcore on me but as an 11 year old, I had no clue. He gifted me a Brown Kitty and I was so pleased. He got really angry at me after a bit though, at the time I hadn't realized he didn't just gift me out of kindness. Still a memorable moment though. I feel bad that he gifted a clueless child a cat and expected some kind of relationship but like, don't gift children things?